The Difference Between Sheet Pan and Cookie Sheet

Sheet pan VS cookie sheet? Are you wondering what the difference between the two is? Well, let us help you with that!

Today, we’ll be talking about the sheet pan and cookie sheet. We’ll get to know these two, talk about how the two are different, and ultimately, help you decide which one to include in your bakeware arsenal.

Without further delay, let’s talk bakeware.

Getting to Know the Sheet Pan and Cookie Sheet

First thing, first. Let’s get to know the sheet pan and cookie sheet.

Sheet Pan

cookie sheet vs baking sheet

Here, we have the sheet pan, also known as the baking sheet.

It is a rectangular piece of bakeware with a flat surface. It also has rims on all sides, and usually comes in three sizes. [What is a Baking Pan?]

If a home has an oven, you can most probably expect that it will also have a sheet pan or two.

Cookie Sheet

sheet pan vs cookie sheet

The cookie sheet is not all that different from the sheet pan. It is also usually rectangular and flat. The difference? The rims! Cookie sheets often don’t have any straight elevated edges. You might find a lip or two made to help with holding the bakeware, though.

Usually, it comes in five sizes.

Lots of us like cookies, but this sheet is probably not in as many kitchens as the sheet pan. We’ll talk about this in a bit.

The Face-Off: Sheet Pan VS Cookie Sheet

After getting to know the two a little better, let’s now put them side by side to see how they hold up with the questions we’ve prepared.

The Main Difference

As you might have noticed above, the main difference between the two is the rims.

A sheet pan has an elevated rim on all sides. On the other hand, a cookie sheet might only have a lip or two. You might think it is only a subtle difference, but you might be surprised. It doesn’t merely affect how the two look. It makes all the difference, and we’ll be discussing that in the following portions.

baking sheet vs cookie sheet

How Could They Help You in the Kitchen?

The two could undoubtedly help you a great deal in the kitchen. After all, getting the right tool for the job makes things easier in the kitchen. They help you in different ways, though.

Today, we’re focusing on bakeware. However, as you might already know, the sheet pan doesn’t only help you with sweet treats. It could also help you with many savory meals. Now, here is where the rim comes into play.

Since the sheet pan has rims on all sides, it can keep all the little bits and pieces of meats and vegetables in there. Now, you might say, you could also do that with a cookie sheet. One only needs to be careful. Fair point. However, it could also keep the juices of the meats and vegetables in it, something a cookie sheet can’t do.

However, as we’ve said before, these two could help you in different ways. So, true, a cookie sheet can’t do that. It helps in another way, though.

Now, being rimless, a cookie sheet might be the best one to grab if you’re looking to keep the shape of your baked goods. Additionally, it also makes scooping the cookies up easy. You can also make cookies on a sheet pan. However, it might not be as easy with a cookie sheet.

cookie or cooking sheet

How Well Do They Play with Others?

As you might have already expected, having rims, the sheet pan could better accommodate other baking accessories. A cookie sheet wouldn’t be able to welcome some extras as well as a sheet pan because there’s practically nothing to hook the add-on to on this sheet.

However, both these pieces could help you with your silicon pans. If you’re only looking for a tray for your silicon molds and such, then either one could probably do the job.

Would They Break the Bank?

These two come in different sizes and materials. You would most probably find a sheet pan or cookie sheet that fits your budget, so no, neither one will break the bank. Well, unless you want to go for a high-end one from a luxury brand.

You would most probably find a cheap sheet pan or cookie sheet. However, you might want to go for something at least in the mid-range and up to make sure you get a durable one. As you might already know, it is often hard to find cheap but quality products.

Would They Eat Up Space?

baking pan vs baking sheet

Now, when buying bakeware, we’re investing in them in more ways than one. In addition to the bucks we shell out, we’re also investing in some cabinet space! After all, not everyone can store dozens and dozens of bakeware in their cabinets,

As you might already know, these two pans will not eat that much space.

The sheet pan might eat some room in your kitchen cabinet since it has rims, but it won’t eat as much space as your frying pans or baking pans. All the more with cookie sheets. This sheet is practically only a surface, after all.

So, if you’re thinking of getting both, you don’t have to worry much about cabinet space.

The Verdict

Before we talk about the verdict, let’s quickly summarize how the two held up with the questions we’ve set.

Questions Sheet Pan Cookie Sheet

How Could They Help You in the Kitchen?


Can help you with sweet treats and savory meals. Can help with keeping the shape of your baked goods.

How Well Do They Play with Others?

Because it has a rim, it can accommodate some accessories. Because it doesn’t have a rim, it can’t accommodate accessories.
Both can act as a tray for silicon pans and such.

Would They Break the Bank?

Comes in different sizes and materials, which ensures you’ll find one at the price point you want. Comes in different sizes and materials, which ensures you’ll find one at the price point you want.

Would They Eat Up Space?


Has rims, will eat some space. Practically a surface only. Will eat less space.


If it’s flexibility you’re after, then you might want to opt for the sheet pan. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a partner for baking cookies, then you might want to get a cookie sheet instead.

Looking at the tables, it might look like the sheet pan is the clear winner here. However, people have different needs. Go for what would help you. It might seem tempting to go for the option that offers more advantages, but if its benefits don’t answer your specific needs, it might become a waste. After all, you would get more from the bakeware you would use more.

With all of that said, as we usually say around here, we believe it would be best to include both pans in your bakeware arsenal if you could.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

baking pan vs cookie sheet

You now have a good picture of the pros and cons of the sheet pan and cookie sheet. Now, allow us to share some other tips and tricks you might be able to use for your next baking session.

Expand Your Options

There is no perfect bakeware that would be the best option for every recipe out there. That would be amazing, but that’s not how it is. Instead, we have many bakewares with different pros and cons.

You may have a favorite, but it will not be the best companion for every baked good you want to make. We highly suggest expanding your options and getting different bakeware. With that, don’t forget to consider the material too!

DIY Your Way to Other Baked Goods

We just said that expanding your options is a good idea. However, that doesn’t mean that you should buy every bakeware you see!

Sometimes, there are bakeware we might only need occasionally, maybe even only once or twice. With that, getting that pan or tray may not be the best idea. Well, you don’t have to worry. It doesn’t mean you have to give up on that recipe either. You could DIY your other bakeware to be what the recipe needs. For example, a muffin pan could make for a great DIY donut pan.

Always Read the Manual

It might be tempting to put your new bakeware to use immediately, but always read its manual before you do so.

You might want to take special note of the temperature limits. Not all bakeware can withstand the same temperature. Yes, even if they’re supposedly made from the same materials.


Sheet pan VS cookie sheet? Are you still wondering what the difference between the two is? Maybe you’re still wondering what to get? We hope not! Both the sheet pan and cookie sheet are great options. We understand if you’re still pondering. However, we hope this little guide was able to be of service to you!

Do you have other buzzing baking concerns? You might want to check out our other discussions that just came out of the oven!

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