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If you need to call me to place an order or to report an issue with the site, I am happy to give you my number; please email me through this contact form and make that request. When my number was posted, I was overwhelmed with spam calls and calls from people requesting identification, education, and valuation of their personal cast iron pieces. This necessitated removal of my phone number from the site.

I do not have the resources to respond to questions about your personal cast iron. Please see the "Where Can I Learn More" section in the FAQs section of this site, at If, after doing your own research, you are not able to find the answer to your question, you may consider submitting your question on the "Ask The Pan Handler" contact form in the footer on the front page of the site for inclusion in a future blog post. These emails are not responded to personally, and I cannot guarantee your question will appear in the blog.

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