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Terms & Conditions

1. The piece you see in the photos is the piece you will receive. Please examine all photos and the description carefully and ask any questions before you purchase.

2. Unless otherwise noted in the listing, all pans sold by The Pan Handler are used, vintage, and restored. Please know that you are not receiving a brand-new pan that has never been used. Many of our pieces are nearly 100 years old. They carry history. You can expect the pan you receive to be ready for use – clean and seasoned with one coat of Crisco vegetable shortening (or other substance if specified in the listing). The pan will likely have some surface scratches or other markings, and it may not be perfectly glassy smooth. There also may be some small amount of variation in the seasoning layering; some areas may be slightly darker than others. Variation in color or seasoning typically works itself out with use and continued proper care and seasoning. Examine all photos – they are the best descriptor of the piece that you will receive.

3. Please carefully review our return policy before you purchase. Our 14-day return policy applies to all orders, including holiday gift orders.

4. We ship via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground/Home Delivery; whichever is most cost-effective given the weight of your piece(s) and your proximity to our base in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Unless you are notified to the contrary, your piece will be carefully packaged and shipped within two business days of receipt of cleared payment.

5. If FedEx or USPS have stated they have delivered the item but you have not received it, we will make every reasonable effort to help you liaise with them to find it, however if the tracking number for the package shows that it was delivered to the address on the order, you will not be eligible for a refund and you absolve The Pan Handler LLC from any liability.

6. Occasionally we need to travel to acquire inventory.  In these instances shipping will be delayed.  The next shipping date will be on the Home Page of our website, on the Shipping page of our website, and in the order confirmation email we send you.  Orders will be processed in the order in which they are received.  If the delayed shipping does not work for you, and you wish to cancel your order, please let us know immediately and providing we have not shipped the order, we will issue you a full refund upon our return.