Vintage Unmarked No. 3 Cast Iron Skillet, with Heat Ring

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Vintage Unmarked No. 3 Skillet

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Product Description

This is a vintage, unmarked No. 3 cast iron skillet with heat ring.  It is a great pan for frying a couple of eggs, or making a big cookie!

This pan is 10″ long, including the handle, 6 5/8″ wide at the pouring spouts, 1 1/4″ high and the cooking surface is approx. 5 1/8″ in diameter.   The pan has very small movement, though in my opinion it won’t impact its cooking ability and is suitable for all cooktops.

The cooking surface is very nice, with some light signs of use.  There is a small scratch on the handle, near the number “3”, and a few pinpricks, likely caused by air bubbles during the casting process.  None of these are of relevance to cooking, I include them in the interest of being thorough. Please examine the photos closely.

This pan has been cleaned to bare iron and seasoned with our special mixture of coconut and canola oils, and beeswax.  It is ready for immediate use or display!