Uber Cool Antique Cast Iron Clear Candy Toy Mold, Thos Mills & Bros, Bird no. 219


Bird clear candy mold, #219

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Product Description

This is a very cool set; I have never seen these molds before. It is two cast iron pieces that together form a candy mold for three small birds. It was manufactured by Thos Mills & Bros in PA in around 1866. This is mold number 219; three birds. The number 219 is etched onto the side of the mold pieces.

The molds measure ~7-1/2″ long x ~2-1/4″ tall x ~1-1/2″ deep (when together). They were scrubbed and the surface protected with a spray of Pam.

If you would like to learn a bit more about the history of clear candy toys, you can find information on the web, including this article about Bogert’s Candy Kitchen in PA. The clear toy candies were made by boiling water, corn syrup and sugar, and then pouring the liquid into the molds. Food coloring was added to create clear colored candies. Some families hung the candies on their holiday trees. Some were made into small suckers. Here is a recipe I found for making the clear toy candies; here is another.

If you purchase these molds, I truly hope that you will send me your recipe and photos of the molds in action – I would love to see them and to share the information on my blog!