Sweet Handcrafted Felted and Hand-Stitched Nepalese 100% New Zealand Wool Panhandlers, Ltd. Edition


100% Wool Nepalese Panhandlers


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Product Description

Oh my, these are adorable!  Handcrafted, felted, hand-stitched panhandlers made of 100% New Zealand wool by female artisans in Nepal. Each panhandler is about 4-1/2″ long, 2-1/4″ wide at its widest, and 1/4″ thick. The panhandlers provide wonderful insulating properties when used on the handles of the vintage cast iron pans that we sell. The panhandlers are made to our specifications; the artisans in Nepal crafted them specifically to fit our vintage cast iron skillet handles.

These panhandlers fit Griswold and Wagner skillets as well as many if not most of the other vintage skillets that you may find; not just ours. They are fine pieces; nice and thick, and they fit well onto our pan handles. Should you wish to change the size for your particular pan handle, you can dampen it with water and stretch and pull it as you wish onto the handle, and then let it air dry. Use your common sense; it’s 100% wool but it’s not a welder’s glove. If it’s hot, don’t touch!

Our connection with the company in Nepal came about as a result of our desire to reach out globally to help our sisters and brothers in Nepal following the earthquakes, We contracted with a business in Nepal to design and craft this limited run of 100% wool panhandlers for The Pan Handler LLC. The business we contracted with provides support and opportunities for Nepalese women. It provides training, jobs, and skills so that the workers can become independent, support their families, and send their children to schools and colleges. The business employs 30 women who are paid a fair wage for their work, and who receive paid holidays and vacation. The company also provides sick and family leave to its employees.

The business has also helped earthquake victims by providing jobs, helping to build temporary homes, and distributing food packages. The business follows the norms of Fair Trade, and has applied for an international certification as a Fair Trade organization. The business is also an associate member of Nepal Foreign Trade Association, Nepal Handicraft Association and the Women Entrepreneur’s Association of Nepal (WEAN).

The panhandlers are individually hand-crafted; no two will be exactly the same. Therefore, there may be some variance between the photo and the panhandler that you receive.

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Snowman with hand-stitching and ribbon scarf. We have additional holiday panhandlers – you can find them here.


Purple with hand-stitching, pink and white flowers.


Coral hand-stitched flowers with bee.


Kitty with hand-stitching and bead eyes.


Owl on tree, hand-stitching.


Chick on egg with sun, hand-stitching.


Girl with umbrella in rain, hand-stitching.

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