Set: Small Mini Cast Iron Griswold Flat Iron Trivet and Unmarked Sad Iron


Griswold cast iron mini flat iron trivet and unmarked cast iron toy iron.

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Product Description

This is a sweet set. It would make a neat paperweight or light bookend.

Both pieces are cast iron. The trivet is Griswold; the iron is an unknown maker (it is unmarked). I am selling them as a set because I obtained them as a set from a collector, and because the iron fits the trivet so well.

The trivet is the Griswold mini flat iron design trivet; manufactured by Griswold in the 1950’s. It has 3 stubby legs and it sits flat. No chips, cracks, or sign of repair It is 5-1/2″ long and 2-1/4″ wide at its widest. It is marked on the bottom GRISWOLD 1733. It is clean and has been protected by a heat application of Crisco vegetable shortening

The iron is unmarked. It has some areas of rough casting on top – please take a look at the photos. It fits very nicely onto the trivet. It is 3-1/4″ long and 2-3/16″ wide at its widest It has a handle, as you can see.

Both pieces are ready for display.