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Griddle / lid / shallow skillet rack.

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Product Description

We have contracted with a manufacturer to provide certain skillet racks for The Pan Handler LLC. We also got our hands on a limited quantity of griddle and lid racks, and they are awesome!

The griddle/lid racks fit various sizes of breakfast skillets, griddles, shallow skillets, and lids. You can take a look at the photos and see some of the varieties that the griddle racks will contain.

The racks measure 13-1/2″ long at the longest (measured from bottom feet), and 8″ wide at widest (again, measured from bottom feet). They are about 3″ tall at the tallest. Each griddle rack has 9 slots. 5 slots are narrow, and work as dividers. 4 slots are a bit wider, and those are the slots that will fit griddles/lids. Each wide slot is about 1-1/8″ wide. Because the rack is narrower at the front than at the back, the slots in the front hold smaller pieces (smaller low-dome lids or smaller griddles), and the slots in the back hold larger pieces. Each rack has 4 feet protected by rubber covers.

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F-R: Wagner Bacon & Egg Breakfast Skillet, #8 Griddle, #9 Griddle.


F-R: #7 low dome skillet lid, #8 round griddle, #9 round griddle.


F-R: #7 low dome skillet lid, #8 round griddle, #9 round griddle.

Note: Obviously, the cast iron pieces shown in the photos are representative and are not included with purchase. 🙂