Near-Mint Griswold Logo (by Wagner) Deep Fat Fryer, pn 1003


Griswold Logo Deep Fat Fryer

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Product Description

This is a vintage cast iron deep fat fryer.

It features the Griswold logo, and is also marked with “DEEP FAT FRYER” and the number 1003.

As this doesn’t have any reference to ERIE, PA on it, I believe this to have been made by the Wagner Manufacturing Co, sometime after 1957.

It is 5″ tall and it is 7-1/2″ in diameter (excluding the pour spout). It has a wire bail handle.

I can spin this pan on my glass cooktop. I believe it would still be a great cooker though on either an electric or gas stove, (particularly for frying, as is its intended use). As always, just pre-heat your pan!

It’s in beautiful shape! The exterior is gorgeous!  The usual scratches and dings on the cooking surface are absent, though some of the internal walls feel a little rough. I believe it to be a manufacturing issue, and not from use.  But for this, I would call this a minty pan!

The pan has been cleaned to bare iron and heat-seasoned with a mixture of coconut and canola oils and beeswax. It is ready for use and display!

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