Near Mint Antique Sidney Hollow Ware Script Logo #8 Cast Iron Rimmed Pot


Sidney Hollow Ware Script Logo Rimmed Pot with 3 Legs

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Product Description

This gorgeous Sidney Hollow Ware 3 legged rimmed cast iron pot with original bell handle and assist handle was manufactured around 1887 in Sidney, Ohio. This pot is in remarkable condition and has clearly been lovingly cared for over the last 130 years and countless generations.

Sitting flat on 3 legs, this pot has an upper rim diameter of 10″ and is 9 7/8″ tall.

This is the first pot of this kind that we have acquired, as when we find most of the older kettles the assist handle is missing. The Sidney Script logo is crisp and clear.

The pot is free from signs of cracks or repair. Air bubbles that occurred during the casting process have caused some minor pockmarks on the inside bottom of the pot, and there are some small indentations from the casting process on the outside bottom of the pot. Please refer to the pictures for more detail.

This was an incredible versatile pot. It could have been used on a tripod over an open fire, or on the old fashioned stoves, as the rim would have supported the pot in the stove eye and prevented it from dropping in. For modern use, you are only limited by your imagination. It could be a beautiful display piece, or equally practical on an open fire.

This pot was cleaned to bare iron, then heat seasoned with a mixture of coconut and canola oils, and beeswax. Heat seasoning bonds and polymerizes the seasoning mixture to the pot surface. It is ready for immediate use and display!