Limited Edition! Red, White, and Blue US Flag Panhandlers!


Flag Panhandlers


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Product Description

Annamarie has crafted some beautiful red, white, and blue striped panhandlers – the colors of the US Flag – for us. We have a very limited quantity; when they are gone, they are gone.

When adding product to the cart, you may select either the narrow or wide stripe, until we run out. 🙂

Ships free.

Narrow stripe

Narrow stripe

Wide Stripe

Wide Stripe


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About the panhandlers:

We contracted with two talented knitters (Annamarie and Yelena) to create panhandlers specifically to fit the vintage cast iron skillets that we sell. We have tried other pot holders with our pans, and these are special because they are 100% wool and felted, and thus they are thick and have insulating properties, and they fit well. Other pan handle covers that you see flop around on the skillet handles, slip and slide, and fall off. These do not. They fit snugly onto the handle and work to protect your hands from the heat of the cast iron pan handle. These are lovely handcrafted little pieces.

Annamarie and Yelena hand-knit each panhandler from high-quality double-stranded 100% wool yarn. After knitting the piece to a pattern specifically made to fit our pans, they felt each piece individually using a decades-old technique, and carefully craft them after felting to fit onto our vintage skillet handles. These panhandlers fit Griswold and Wagner skillets as well as many if not most of the other vintage skillets that you may find; not just ours. They are fine pieces; nice and thick, gorgeous, and they fit snugly onto our pan handles. Should you wish to change the size for your particular pan handle, you can simply spritz it with water and stretch and pull it as you wish onto the handle, and then let it air dry.

Bear in mind that the panhandlers are individually crafted; no two will be exactly the same and there may be some variance between the photo and the panhandler that you receive.

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