Incredible Antique Third Series ERIE No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet w Heat Ring, pn 719


ERIE No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet

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Product Description

The ERIE pans were the first line of pans made by the Griswold Manufacturing Co in Erie, Pennsylvania.  This is a Third Series ERIE, which means it was made between 1892-1905.  This pan is between 114-127 years old!

It features the ‘ “ERIE” ‘ logo on the underside, with an outer heat ring, the number 12, and the pattern 719.

The cooking surface is 11-7/8″ in diameter.  There is a small amount of movement when I press firmly on the rims, about a dime’s worth. It is suitable for all cooktops!

This pan is in incredible shape!  The usual pitting one finds on older pans is absent, and the cooking surface has a beautiful black patina.  The original grinding marks are still visible on the interior walls. This pan has seen very little use.

You can see a circle on the underside of the pan.  This was likely from the original casting process.  There is also some variation in color.  These are all superficial, but I like to be thorough!

I have taken lots of pictures, so please look at them closely by clicking on the magnifying glass.

This beautiful piece of history has been thoroughly cleaned, and seasoned with one coat of Crisco.  It is ready for immediate use or display!