Griswold Cast Iron Plain High Dome Self Basting Skillet Lid Cover no. 10 p/n 1100


Griswold high dome plain skillet cover lid #10 1100.

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Product Description

This is the Griswold Plain high dome skillet cover. It fits the Griswold #10 pattern number 716 skillets, as well as the Iron Mountain #10 skillet. It is marked on the underside SELF BASTING, and carries the Griswold Logo, the number 10, a long patent number, and the p/n, 1100. It is “self basting” because it has ridges on the underside of the lid that will cause condensation to drip back down into the pot as your food cooks.

The cover is clean and has been seasoned with one coat of Crisco vegetable shortening.  Please note that the line on the handle is not a crack; it is typical of these lids because of how they were cast. It is not a defect; it is how all of these lids were made. Please also note the one area on the lid where it is a bit darker in color – I do expect that the color will even out with additional use. I took a pic of the area so you can examine it for yourself.

The lid fits the Griswold #10 skillets.