Griswold Button Logo Cast Iron Dutch Oven Roaster Lid no. 8, Easy-Clean pn 1288


Griswold button logo no. 8 Dutch Oven lid.

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Product Description

This beautiful cast iron lid will fit a Griswold number 8 tite-top Dutch oven or roaster (it does not have “ears” to cover the pour spouts on a skillet). It has a high dome, and the “button” logo on top of the lid. The underside is coated – this is the “easy-clean” lid. It carries the large block logo, 8 SELF BASTING, a long patent number, and the pattern number on the underside. It also has concentric raised circles which serve to make the lid self-basting.

The lid measures 10-1/2″ in diameter. The inner ridge, which fits into the oven, measures 9-3/4″ as measured from the outer side (i.e. it will fit into a 9-3/4″ opening). ┬áThere is one air bubble at about 3:00 on the inside rim. It is of no consequence; I point it out in the interest of being thorough.

The lid has been cleaned to bare iron and heat-seasoned with a mixture of coconut and canola oils and beeswax. Pam was also used to get into some of the nooks and crannies. The lid is ready for use!