Excellent Fully-Marked Vintage Vollrath Cast Iron Skillet w Heat Ring No. 7


Vollrath No. 7 cast iron skillet

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Product Description

Fully-marked vintage Vollrath cast iron pan number 8 with heat ring. It measures 10-1/4″ across the pouring spouts and it is 14-5/8″ long, including the handle. It has an outer heat ring and it sits flat.

The cooking surface on this pan is particularly nice and smooth.  The only thing to notice is a small drop of seasoning on the interior wall near the handle and some minor color variation on the underside. Please see photos.

The skillet has been cleaned to bare iron. After, it was heat-seasoned with a mixture of canola and coconut oils and beeswax. Because it has been heated past the smoking point, the mixture has polymerized and formed a layer of seasoning which is bonded to the pan. This pan is ready for use and display!