July 4 Special! Matte Black Powder Coated Wire 8-Slot Skillet Rack w Minor Paint Chips

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8 Slot Skillet Rack

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Product Description

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Just for a July 4 special, and lasting until sold, some of our fabulous racks have some very small paint chips on the rear legs. We feel bad about it so we’re offering these racks at a $10 discount to our normal price.

These little paint chips are on the very rear of the skillets, so they are going to be well hidden.  I’ve included some examples below, though every rack will present a little differently.

Paint Chip



These specially discounted racks will be available until sold.

You will not find this rack anywhere else; it has been custom-crafted for us, to our specifications.  This rack is the pièce de résistance of all of our racks that we presently offer. We have been very particular about the specs, and we are very excited to be offering this high-quality rack!

This rack holds sizes 3 – 10 of the vintage skillets. If you have a full set of skillets, you certainly want to show them off!

Vintage Cast Iron is beautiful, and we thought it a good idea to have a display stand for our vintage skillets, so that folks could show them off and not have them hidden away in their oven drawers, cupboards, or always sitting on the stove.

The rack was custom crafted to fit vintage skillets in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. It is the largest of the racks that we offer; it has 8 slots. Of course, the skillet size is different from the size in diameter of the pan; the size of the cast iron skillet is typically stamped on the handle and / or on the bottom. If you take a look at the guide I wrote on selecting vintage cast iron skillets, it is explained a bit more thoroughly.

We contracted with a US manufacturer and are presently offering 3 different sizes of skillet racks. Each rack is very sturdy, made professionally, and powder coated with matte black. Each rack has 4 feet, covered by rubber bumpers.

This rack measures ~21-1/2″ long (measured at bottom foot to foot) and is ~7″ wide at its widest. There are eight slots to hold skillets of different sizes. Different sizes of skillets will also fit in the slots of the rack. Skillets with heat rings also fit in the slots. The slots go from smallest in front to largest in back. The front slot will hold a #3 (or #2). The rear slot will hold up to a size 12. The “play” of the skillet – and the amount it leans or stands straight – will be slightly different from size to size and manufacturer to manufacturer; each manufacturer created their cast iron skillets to their own measurements, though they are typically not substantially different. Obviously, the pans in the photos are for demonstrative purposes only; they are not included in the listing. The listing is for the rack only.

Shipping Note: Because of the particular size and shape of these long racks, they will ship separately from other product (excluding pan handlers, kitchen towels and chain mail scrubbers).  Other products shipped separately will incur standard shipping charges.