Antique Scarce Minty Collector Quality Wood, Bishop & Co. Cast Iron French Roll Pan w Gatemarks


Antique W & B Co Cast Iron French Roll Pan.

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Product Description

The Wood, Bishop & Co., in Bangor, Maine, was founded in 1839 and continued in business at least until 1899. This pan has gate marks (the horizontal scars you see on the bottom of the pan on two cups). The existence of the gate marks and history of the company tells me that this pan was manufactured sometime between 1839 and the 1880s. This pan is likely over 150 years old! Many of the old cast iron pieces are without maker’s marks and such the manufacturer often cannot be identified. Given the markings on the pan, it is clear that this pan was manufactured by Wood, Bishop & Co. I have never before had one of these pans and acquired it from a long-time collector. I believe this pan to be quite scarce.

The pan is in minty condition. The gate marks are not flaws; they are left from how the pan was cast. It measures 7-1/4″ wide x 13-1/2″ long (handle to handle) and it is 1-1/8″ tall. It is marked on the top of the middle band W & B CO. Both handles have holes for hanging.

I cleaned the pan to bare iron and heat-seasoned it with a mixture of Crisco vegetable shortening and Pam. It is ready for use and display!