Antique Griswold Slant Logo “ERIE” Cast Iron No. 9 Dutch Oven w p/n 834

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Antique Griswold No. 9 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

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Product Description

Made by the Griswold Manufacturing Co in Erie, Pennsylvania around 1910, this lovely old dutch oven with lid has been lovingly restored and is ready to find a new home for the next 100 years.

It is 11-1/8″ in diameter, excluding the handles, and approx 4-1/2″ high, excluding the lid.

On the underside of the dutch oven is a “9”, with the Griswold slant logo, and “ERIE” underneath, with the pattern number of 834.  The underside of the lid also has the Griswold slant logo, the word ERIE underneath and the number 9 above. It also has the pattern number 2552.

As common with anything over 100 years old, this piece has some indications of its history.  There is some pitting on the underside, likely from use on an old coal stove.  There are some light signs of use, and a little pitting on the cooking surface, but nothing that impacts this from being a great cooker!

The line on the lid handle is not a crack, it’s where the two molds were joined together and is common to all lids made this way.  The lid also has some moderate signs of use, but the logo and writing are crisp and clear.

I have taken lots of photos, so please examine them closely.

There is some movement when I press firmly on the rims.  I’m in two minds as to whether this is suitable to a flat cooktop (such as induction or electric) but can confirm that this sits solidly and happily on my raised burners.  You can see more on pan movement on my blog here.

This piece has been thoroughly cleaned, and seasoned with one coat of Crisco.  It is ready for immediate use – on your stove, in your oven, or on your campfire.