5 Rosette Patty Mold Manuals / Instruction Guides: Griswold, Hirco, & Handi Hostess, Repros of Originals


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Product Description

This listing is for five different brochures / manuals; all quality high-resolution scanned / copied reproductions of original (non-copyrighted) owner’s manuals for vintage patty molds. Instructions and recipes are included for Griswold, Hirco, and Handi Hostess patty molds.  

All originals were professionally scanned and are high-resolution and high-quality. The paper that each manual is on was matched as closely as possible to the original manual’s paper, including color and weight. All paper is acid-free archival quality.

Included are:

  • Griswold Patty Mold single-page front and back. Front: “THE EASY WAY TO TEMPTING PATTIES WITH GRISWOLD PATTY IRON MOLDS.” On the back is the Griswold patty mold recipe and instructions for use of the patty molds. It also contains suggestions for patty mold use. This instruction is printed on card stock.
  • Instructions and recipe for Hirco Party-Patty shells and molds. Printed on acid-free archival paper. Folded page containing four pages of instructions and recipes. Included are instructions on using rosette molds as well as sea food and patty shells. There are “important hints” as well as information on serving and storage of patty shells. Recipes are included for tart shells, patties and rosettes, and “sea shells.” There are also instructions on how to use the Hirco ice cream cone shell to make cones for ice cream.
  • Owner’s Manual for Bonley Products Handi Hostess Kits. There is handwriting on the front of this folded brochure dating the document to September 12, 1972. This brochure is printed on acid-free archival paper. The manual includes instructions for using a patty iron and waffle iron, along with a recipe for the batter. Helpful hints are also included. Recipes for “creaming a variety of vegetables, meat, or fish” (presumably to fill the shells) is also included. As a bonus, on the back of the brochure, instructions are also provided for a “Li’l Frankie” (battered cocktail weiners) appetizer.
  • Griswold “Recipe for Making Patties.” This reproduction was made from a very old original Griswold document. Because the original is so old, the quality is not perfect. On the interior of this folded instruction is a Griswold recipe for making patties, along with instructions on patty old use. There is also some handwriting from the original owner on the inside, with her suggestion on how to use the patty mold.
  • Tri-fold brochure / owner’s manual for rosette irons from Kalkus Hirco. This brochure has instructions for using rosette molds, as well as serving and storing patty shells. Hints are included, as well as a basic or beer recipe for petties, rosettes, tarts, and sea shells. “Grandma McKay’s Special Recipe” is also included. 

I will also include a recipe for Scandinavian rosettes and “tips for perfect rosettes,” as well as copies of two old newspaper clippings with vintage recipes for Swedish Rosettes, Rosettes, and a “prize recipe” for Swedish coffee bread.   

These brochures / manuals / instructions / recipes will ship free via USPS standard mail.