2Q Wagner Cast Iron Dutch Oven w Glass Lid – New In Box – OR – Surprise?


Wagner Box with Mystery Contents

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Product Description

This is a bit of a mystery box!

It appears to be one of the later cast iron dutch ovens (with glass lid) from Wagner / General Housewares Corp.  I purchased the box – unopened – as part of a larger collection.

This very much COULD be a brand new Wagner Dutch Oven – or it could be something completely different!  The contents are a mystery!

I can say that the weight is consistent with being a small dutch oven.  When I hold the box and move it around, it feels like there is a large solid object – and not a collection of smaller objects.

On the sides, it looks like it has possibly been opened in the past.  This could mean that somebody opened it, examined it, and put it straight back in the box for safe keeping …. or… they took the dutch oven out, and put something completely different back in the box, and sealed it.  Who knows?

The box weighs 5 lb 14 oz, and is 8-3/4″ x 8-1/2″ x 4-1/4″.

This box is being sold As-Is, with no returns or exchanges.

I cannot guarantee, nor confirm the contents – only guess.  I can make no comments or assertions as to the condition of the contents.

This is a risk!  Do you want to risk it?  You could get a box of awesome, or something of no value whatsoever.  I hope it’s the former.

Either way – I hope you tell me!