23 Best Delicious Pan Fried Oysters Recipes

One word is not enough to describe how savory the oysters are! More than the taste, there are a lot of things to love about oysters because they can really be good for your health.

You can learn many ways to prepare and cook an oyster, and one among many cooking methods is by frying it. Here are  23 pan-fried oyster recipes you can learn how to cook and have a feast with your family over the weekend.

What is an oyster?

But before we delve into different pan-fried oyster recipes you must try, let us introduce what an oyster is.

Oysters belong to the family of Ostreidae. It is considered to be a bivalve mollusk without backbones, thus, known to be a soft-bodied invertebrate. It lives in a rough textured and irregular-shaped shell covering.

24 Pan-Fried Oyster Recipes

1. Oysters Piccata – Another Easy Pan-Fried Oyster Recipe

Food Lust has created an easy pan-fried oyster recipe perfect for any occasion. The recipe has seasoned flour which makes it tastier than the regular ones.

The seasoned flour includes ingredients that are primarily available at the comfort of your home, such as garlic powder, onion powder, dried thyme, and a lot more. What is mind-boggling with this recipe is it has a caramelized sauce made out of lemon and caper that can make you drool over.


2. Crispy Pan-Fried Oyster with a twist

Crispy Pan-Fried Oyster with a twist

Why not make the taste more exciting by adding a twist with your crispy pan-fried oyster recipe! Beers, sodas, and kinds of milk are not just meant for drinking. These days, they are a great addition to any recipe and boost the flavor. All you need is the common ingredients to make the pan-fried oyster recipe, then choose between beer, soda, and milk to add to your batter.


3. Delicious Japanese Fried Oyster with Homemade Tartar Sauce

Hello to the Japanese Cuisine lover as we have an entry for you! One among many famous oyster dishes in the land of the rising sun during the fall and winter seasons is no other than the Japanese Fried Oyster.

This recipe made by Nami of the Just One Cookbook is one for the books as you use special Panko or the Japanese breadcrumbs and finish it off by adding the homemade tartar sauce, which makes it savory.


4. Tasty Pan Fried Oysters Oreganata

Tasty Pan Fried Oysters Oreganata

We understand the assignment that even though it is your favorite appetizer, you still need something different every time. Therefore, we will introduce a different pan-fried oyster recipe.

This time, it includes Oreganata and a flavorful lemon butter sauce making it tastier than ever. The process and recipe are pretty much the same but do not forget to add a pinch of nicely chopped Oregano.


5. Pan-Fried Oysters and Sorrel Mayonnaise

One of Tina’s in Dundee best-selling dishes is the Pan Fried Oyster recipe with Sorrel Mayonnaise. You can make your own pan-fried oyster and sorrel mayonnaise recipe that is perfect for your date night. Bring the restaurant right to your home by following the recipe. All you need is a lemon, sorrel leaves, mustard, olive oil, oyster, and flour. It is best devoured when still hot!


6. Crispy Southern Fried Oysters

Crispy Southern Fried Oysters

In all honesty, any fried food does not require much time and effort, including this Crispy Southern Fried Oysters. The preparation and the process of frying the oysters are pretty much the same. All you need to do is add either fries or chips and other green leafy vegetables to the plating. Do not forget to add caesar salad, then voila. You now have an appetizer perfect for your diet plan.


7. Easy homemade Fried Oysters

An easy homemade fried oyster recipe is a perfect snack for your kids playing in the backyard. LoveYourFood has an easy recipe to follow. The spiciness of the Cajun seasoning makes this recipe different from the others, and the kick of its spiciness makes it more addicting!

Finish it off with a nice plating and partner it with a sandwich. And now you are done, a simple snack which your kids will definitely ask for more.


8. Classic Fried Oyster Po’boy

Classic Fried Oyster Po'boy

Mothers find it hard sometimes thinking about what snacks to prepare for their kids. Do not worry because you can now include this in your meal plan.

The Classic Fried Oyster Po’boy is the oyster version of the traditional Louisiana Sandwich often made with other seafood. You may opt to use either Hoagie Rolls or French Bread Baguettes and add Louisiana Remoulade sauce. Then you are done.


9. Pan-Fried Oyster Recipe with a bean sprout

Are you tired of having the same old dish with your family? Why not try this one-of-a-kind pan-fried oyster recipe best partnered with your rice. It looks appetizing, and you may want to risk it all to ruin your diet. All you need are the oysters, bean sprouts, eggs, green onions, and other common seasonings to make it tastier than ever. Have a chili sauce by your side if you want it to be more exciting, and add that extra spice!


10. Panko Fried Oysters

Panko Fried Oysters

Panko Fried Oysters recipe is typical, especially for people who are always in the rush as it does not require a lot of time to prepare. Everything you need is almost available in your household, especially salt, pepper, egg, flour, and milk. All you need to prepare is the sauce of your choice and perfect plating. Then you are done!


11. Old Bay Fried Oysters by TheWolfePit

The Old Bay Fried Oysters by TheWolfePit will make you want to ask for more of the dish. The contrasting texture where it is crispier on the outside yet the oyster is tender makes this different from the others.

Ingredients are similar to Old Bay Seafood Seasoning and self-rising cornmeal. It is best partnered with a cocktail and a homemade tartar sauce, then there you have it. You now have a delicious snack or meal to be celebrated with your friends and family.


12. Pan-Fried Oysters with Creamy Radish and Cucumber Salad

Pan-Fried Oysters with Creamy Radish and Cucumber Salad

Bring the restaurant into your homes by trying this restaurant-worthy pan-fried oyster appetizer recipe. The ingredients are pretty much the same, but to make the flavor richer than ever, add mayonnaise, greek yogurt, buttermilk, lemon juice, cucumber, and other condiments that may add flavor to the pan-fried oyster recipe. Finish the preparation off with a tremendous and Instagram-worthy plating.


13. Goan Kalwa Fry Pan Fried Oysters

Oysters have a lot of health benefits, and we never wonder why most people love this seafood. The Goan Kalwa Fry Pan Fried Oysters is an Indian way wherein you fry oysters in a shallow pan. The steps are easy to follow and only require minimal ingredients to achieve this recipe.

Apart from the standard ingredients, all you need is semolina, garam masala, turmeric powder, and red chili powder. The Goan Kalwa Fry Pan Fried Oysters recipe is best partnered with rice and fish curry.


14. Pan-Fried Oyster Mushrooms – More room for a taste

Pan-Fried Oyster Mushrooms

Hello, fungi lovers! Do not worry, as there is an entry for a pan-fried oyster recipe for fungus of your choice. This time, we introduce Pan Fried Oyster Mushrooms. The taste is kind that anyone who will try this will love this forever. All you need is to add garlic, mushrooms, and thyme to your regular recipe.


15. The Best Fried Sauce with Ramp Sauce

Anything crispy is best partnered with a delicious sauce dip. Enjoy a weekend feast with your family by adding a crispy pan-fried oyster pan with a ramp sauce. Introducing the very own recipe of Kitchen and Craft, all you need is the premium oyster, buttermilk, cornmeal, flour, baking powder, and some wild ramps.


16. Hawker Fried Oyster Omelette

Hawker Fried Oyster Omelette

The Hawker Fried Oyster Omelette, also known as the Orh Jian, is famous. Despite it being crispy, you can still achieve a less oil and healthier version than the ones they prepare at the Hawker Center.

The only difference in the ingredients compared to the regular recipe is adding sweet potato starch to form a batter. Finish it off by sprinkling freshly chopped cilantro leaves and green onions, and add a chili sauce on the side. Now, you are done and ready for that Netflix and chill bonding with your group of friends.


17. Fried Oysters with Chef Pecko

It would be great if you were able to copy a pan-fried oyster recipe by one of the world’s finest chefs known, Chef Pecko, who works in the Four Seasons Hotel based in New York City.

Oysters are well known for having a lot of health benefits that you will disregard even if it is cooked as a fried dish. Plus, you can be creative with your plating as long as you do not forget to put the fried oyster on top of the shell and include some pickled shishito pepper or any mild hot pepper to add some spice.


18. Pecan Breaded Pan-Fried Oysters

Pecan Breaded Pan-Fried Oysters

It gets a little boring if you use the same recipe every time you prepare a pan-fried oyster. This time, make it more exciting by using pecan halves instead of bread crackers or bread crumbs to make it crispier. Do not worry about the taste being different from the usual because the oyster’s flavor is more dominant than the pecan.


19. Fried Oysters with Michael’s Home Cooking

Make the appetizer for your family dinner more exciting with the Fried Oyster Recipe of Michael. This is a holy grail for people who love avocado but those who have not yet tasted one? You definitely have to try it because you do not know what you are missing.

Have an avocado with a twist by including it in this recipe together with lemon juice, cajun seasoning, hot sauce, mayonnaise, and Worcestershire sauce. Make it more appealing by doing a nice plating.


20. Fried Oysters with Bacon, Garlic, and Sage

Fried Oysters with Bacon, Garlic, and Sage

This pan-fried oyster recipe is a perfect companion while you have a lovely Friday night chill drink with your friends. Thus, it is best partnered with either beer or whiskey. Every ingredient for this recipe works well together, making it flavourful. All you need to make it more exciting are the oysters, diamond crystal, bacon, garlic, sage leaves, and a spicy mustard sauce! Follow the steps, and that’s it!


21. The Ultimate Oyster Po Boy Sandwich by David Kinch

Any seafood lover or devouring oysters cannot resist this ultimate oyster po boy sandwich recipe. Follow the steps, make your own at home, and enjoy it with your family while playing some UNO cards!

This is a perfect snack for any activity. Just combine all the ingredients, fry the oysters, prepare the bread, add some mayo or aioli, and you are done! Do not forget to put pickles on top for a finished look!


22. Fried Oysters in Butter Soy Sauce

Fried Oysters in Butter Soy Sauce

The butter soy sauce fried oyster recipe will make you drool as it looks delicious and irresistible. If you are not on a diet and just want to binge eat, you can partner this dish with rice. The ingredients make the flavor richer than ever. Just include bacon, butter, Kikkoman soy sauce, and lemon to the regular recipe, and that’s it! You are done!


23. Cajun Fried Oysters by Clarkstar Culinary

The Cajun Fried Oyster recipe adds a kick with its flavour due to its spiciness. This recipe is rich in spicy seasonings, so anyone who loves to devour extremely spicy food will enjoy this. The richness of the oyster and the spiciness of the cajun seasoning works well together. You can add anything else to make the plating extraordinary.


What are you waiting for? Learn and try out these 23 pan-fried oyster recipe and enjoy it with your friends and family regardless of the occasion. Or you can also prepare one or two recipes as a simple yet thoughtful gift for your special someone who loves to devour an oyster.

Pan Fried Oysters Recipe

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