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Grub Street, November 2016

Our wonderful old cookware is featured on Grub Street as one of the 18 things that celebrated American chefs want as a gift this holiday season. How nice!

The Kitchn, September 2016

We had a fun interview with Eva Katz of thekitchn.com as part of their article: “How Did the Cast Iron Skillet Take Over the World?” 

Gear Patrol, August 2016

We were interviewed as part of Gear Patrol‘s 2016 “Guide to Life.” You can find the original article here. Reprinted with permission.



Extra Crispy, August 2016

We are featured in an interesting historical article about waffle irons on the “Extra Crispy” breakfast website. You can find the article – “The History of Waffle Irons is Hot and Greasy,” here. Extra Crispy gave me permission to reprint just a few paragraphs, so here you go!

“Mary Theisen, who restores and sells cast iron as The Pan Handler and has a special expertise in Griswold products, says, “I like to think that I’m restoring and putting back into use pieces of American history. So to me, it’s not just a pan, it’s not just any pan, it’s something that could have been around for over a hundred years. I like knowing that I’m using a piece that is not going to be used, abused, and then thrown into a landfill.” Cast iron is also a “greener” alternative given its longevity, and sidesteps any health risks that nonstick coatings might have. “It’s got health benefits with the leaching of iron. It’s not toxic chemicals leaching.” Waffle irons, she says, enjoy particular rushes around certain holidays, such as Griswold’s “star heart”maker that forges heart-shaped waffles. I forget which holiday they are popular around. I think Presidents’ Day?”

Of course, our heart-star pieces are a huge hit around Valentine’s Day and the Christmas holiday. But then, Valentine’s Day is close to President’s Day, right?

Southern Cast Iron, Fall 2016

Editor Josh Miller and I wrote an article about the O’Neil Cast Iron Collection. It is reprinted (with permission) below. One of our Griswold pans stars on the cover of Southern Cast Iron. Our Bundt pans are featured in a separate article, along with some mouth-watering recipes!






Southern Cast Iron, Spring 2016

SCIHarold harold henry cast iron vintage antique collect collecting collector kitchenware pan skillet dutch oven old hamilton missouri griswold wagner lodge

Southern Cast Iron, Winter 2016

SCIWinter2016 CuriositiesFinalJ


Southern Cast Iron, Fall 2015 Premier Issue

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the pan handler southern cast iron taste of the south magazine article identify identification vintage old antique piece


Taste of the South, Jan/Feb. 2015 Cast Iron Issue

Taste of the South - January - February 2016


Article from Jan/Feb 2015 "Taste of the South" Magazine. Reprinted with permission.

Article from Jan/Feb 2015 "Taste of the South" magazine. Reprinted with permission.

Country Living Magazine, November 2014

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Playboy (that’s right, Playboy!), 60th Anniversary Issue, January 2014


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Sporting Classics, July/August 2013