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Please read this blurb in its entirety before you submit a question.


I receive a tremendous volume of emails from people about their personal cast iron. I do not have the resources to individually respond.

To the extent time permits, I try to address selected reader questions on the blog several times a year.

I am most likely to answer questions that will benefit a large number of readers. If your question is one that has already been answered in a prior blog post, could be answered if you simply did your own research, or it will not be helpful to other readers, it will not be selected. You can find links to help with your research in the FAQs section of our site, “Answering Your Questions About Your Cast Iron.” Over half the questions I get asked are ones that could be answered by reading my existing blog posts

I do not answer questions about the value of a particular piece.

If you have a specific question about vintage cast iron cookware such as: (1) can you identify this piece? (2) can you tell me an approximate age for this piece? (3) can this rusty crusty piece be saved? or (4) a question about cleaning or restoration, you may submit your question via this form for potential inclusion in my blog.

If you are asking for help with identification, please provide as much information as possible including (1) how and when you acquired the piece, (2) a detailed description, (3) its measurements, and (4) up to 3 clear photographs (max 1024 kb in size) including photos of any maker's marks. on the piece. I cannot identify a piece or tell you its age, etc., without photos. If you are asking me to expend the time to answer your question, please take the time and resources to give me the information I need to answer. If you ask for help in identifying a piece but do not provide photos, you will not be considered for the blog.

If you are asking a pre- or post-purchase question about one of our pieces, please use the regular "contact us" form on the left side of the footer.

By asking a question via this form you consent to use of your first name and the initial of your last name, your location, your question, and any photos attached to your email, in the public blog of The Pan Handler LLC as well as our other social media channels.

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