Granite Stone Pan: 2022 In-Depth Review Results

Granite Stone Pan 2022

Do you have plans to upgrade your pan? Are you looking for a durable and heat-resistant pan at the same time? If so, then this Granite Stone Pan In-Depth Review is for you.

Granite Stone Pan Quick Overview

Granite Stone Pan

For some, granite is just for countertops and not for cookwares. Little did they know that cooking using stones like granite existed years ago and because of its features and benefits, people preferred to use this type of stone pan.

Compared to other types of pans, especially those that are Teflon coated, granite stone pan is healthier as it does not release harmful chemicals when heated to some extent and the granite stone’s versatility and durability allow you to cook your favorite meal through stovetop heat or bake your favorite dessert using the pan.

One feature that makes the pan an eye-catcher to those who love to cook is that it is a nonstick pan though it does not have nor use any Teflon coating on it, which means that you can cook your favorite sunny side up eggs without worrying it to stick in the pan.

Here’s another reason why your kitchen must have one. Aside from the fact that it is nonstick, you can also use any utensils when cooking from it.

Unlike other nonstick pans, the granite stone pan is scratch-free, which means that you can freely use wood, or metal utensils to stir the scrambled egg.

However, make sure to check the labels when you shop for granite stone pans. This ensures that you will be purchasing a legit one and not the imitations that are fully coated with harmful materials.

Thus, before you buy a granite stone pan at the store or online, you must consider the things below when choosing the best stone pan.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Granite Stone Pans

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Granite Stone Pans

Granite stone pans offer many features and benefits. We have mentioned some features above, and here, we list down three (3) main reasons you should own a granite stone pan.


Quality granite stone pans are famous for their reliability as it distributes the heat evenly. The even distribution of heat cooks the food evenly and on time.

This means that if you intend to cook meat in the granite stone pan, the meat’s doneness is matched according to your likeness, and no meat is left raw or uncooked.


PFOA or perfluorooctanoic acid is a potentially harmful chemical. However, these chemicals make pan coatings, including nonstick pans.

Since granite stone pan does not have a Teflon coating or anything containing PFOA, you can ensure that the food you are cooking in it will not include any foreign or harmful chemicals that may cause diseases.

No Seasoning Needed

Since granite stone pans are not made of cast iron or carbon steel material, you do not need to season them. Seasonings are only used for pans that rust and corrode quickly.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying Granite Stone Pans

Important Things to Consider Before Buying Granite Stone Pans

It is given that there are several granite stone pan manufacturers in the market who are very keen to get that sale. But don’t let them lure you, do not buy products that do not meet your standards. Instead, look for something that meets the following criteria:

Granite Stone Pan Quality

Quality is the first thing you should consider when buying a pan. When we say quality, we mean to say the product’s overall quality, which includes the materials used and the process of how the product was manufactured.

The pan you are eying must have a durable handle and grip in this criterion. If both the handle and grip do not look sturdy enough to hold your pan and the food you are cooking, put it down and leave the aisle.

Granite Stone Pan Dimensions

The next thing you should check in a pan is its size. Do you need an 8″, 10″, or 12″ pan? Bigger pans may be ideal if you are looking for an all-purpose stone pan where you can fry eggs, make a sauce, or stir fry meat and vegetables.

Granite Stone Pan Compatibility

Granite stone pans are usually compatible with stovetops and ovens. However, there are some brands whose pans have compatibility issues. Thus, you should know your stovetops and oven’s make and model and the heat temperature that it generates.

Granite Stone Pan Pros and Cons

Here is the list of graphite stone pan’s pros and cons. The data in the table below is the result of the information we gathered from most graphite stone brands and customer reviews.

Pros Cons

Non-Stick (as advertised)

Not 100% nonstick (customer-based review)
Easy to clean up Food build-up and burnt part of the pan is not easy to remove
Scratch-free (as advertised) A wooden utensil can easily scratch the coating.
Can go up to 500 F or 260 C Not advisable to boil and cook in high heat
Lifetime Warranty
Doesn’t rust

Compatible with most cooktops

Be cautious when cooking with a glass stovetop. Some granite stone pans are not compatible with glass cooktops.

Granite Stone Pan After Care

Granite Stone Pan After Care

Washing the pan is easy. Since it is a nonstick pan, you can use a soft sponge and soap to wash the grease off from the pan. However, let us not remove the possibility that some burnt food may stick on it.

If that happens, just put water into the pan and leave it for a couple of minutes until you can easily remove the buildup. Easy to remove means you can use the water, soap, and sponge to take the buildup off the pan.

However, in some cases where the food buildup is persistent, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Wash it with water. This is the very first thing that you should do when you see a heavy food buildup in your pan. Do not jump off to scraping it.
  2. Use a sponge and soap. Once you are done washing it with water, get and use a soft sponge with dishwashing soap. Gently scrub the pan. Do not remove the buildup forcibly.
  3. Rinse it with water, after washing it with dishwashing soap. Rinse it. However, leave the buildup as is.
  4. Put some water into the pan. The water must be half-full or enough to cover the food buildup.
  5. Simmer the water. In this step, you can add baking soda into the water. The baking soda will help loosen the food buildup.
  6. Scrape the food buildup. You can do this while the water is simmering or still hot. We prefer the latter, though, for safety purposes. While the water is still hot, gently scrape the burnt or food buildup.

Leave the granite pan with hot water overnight if it doesn’t work still. The buildup will surely loosen up the following day.

There are other life hacks on removing the burnt or food buildup in a granite stone pan. But we suggest you check the company’s manual to see the right way to remove it as the pans’ aftercare sometimes varies due to its make and model.

Granite Pans Frequently Asked Questions

Granite Pans Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best and recommended granite stone pan to use?

There are several numbers and various types of granite stone pans. It is given that these types of pans are nonstick pans and easy to clean. Thus, we must look at the pan’s overall score. It also must be reliable, PFOA-Free, and needs no seasoning.

Is Granite Stone Pan different from Granite Rock Pan and Granite Diamond Pan?

Do not be confused. A granite stone pan with granite rock pan and granite diamond pan share the same qualities. This confusion arose when manufacturing granite rock pans and granite diamond pans.

To clear the fuss, granite stone pans are the first-generation stone pans manufactured, while the granite rock pan and granite diamond pan are the second and third generations.

Is granite stone pan better than nonstick pans and ceramic pans?

Nonstick pans and ceramic pans will beat granite stone pans for aesthetics. However, granite stone pans lead the pans’ overall performance. They are durable, sturdy, reliable, harmful-chemical-free, and distribute heat evenly.

What is a granite stone pan made of?

Granite stone pans are forged glass and metal products melted through a high-temperature heat of 2000 F or 1093.33 C. One composition of the granite stone is enamel, and the enamel coating consists of different materials like silica, clay, and other earth metals.


The granite stone pan’s bottom is aluminum with a 3-5-layer coating, making the pan’s build 100% durable. With the number of pans in the market, the granite stone pans are the most efficient. It is non-toxic and can surely cook your food perfectly.

Granite Stone Pan 2022

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