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Gift Options

You may select one or more of these options at checkout. Any cost will be added to your order total.

Gift note (no charge)

If you are having us ship a gift directly to the recipient, we can include a note from you, if you wish. Please let us know in the “customer comments” at checkout how you would like the note to read. Please be sure to indicate “to” whom and “from” whom on the note.

Descriptive Gift Enclosure ($5)

When you go through the time and expense of selecting just the perfect vintage or antique gift, you want to be sure that the recipient knows just how special and collectible the gift is! When this option is selected at checkout, we include a page that identifies the piece (e.g. “Griswold Large Block Logo with Heat Ring Skillet no. 10, product number 716, manufactured by the Griswold Mfg. Co. in Erie, PA between 1930 and 1939”), tells the recipient just how special and collectible the piece is, how it has been painstakingly cleaned and seasoned, and outlines its proper use and care.

Gift Wrap ($17)

Year-round, we offer rustic burlap gift wrap. Your gift is bubble wrapped and then either placed into a burlap bag or wrapped in burlap (depending on the gift’s size), and tied shut with raffia and twine.

Burlap gift wrap only works with single pans, or pan and lid sets. It doesn’t not work with multiple items of different sizes, or oddly sized pieces such as long griddles, our 8 slot skillet racks, or certain other items.  If you order a dutch oven, a skillet and a long griddle, we will only be able to gift wrap the skillet.

If you would like multiple items gift wrapped separately, or unsure if your selected item can be wrapped, please ask!  We’ll be happy to help.


During the holiday season, you may wish to choose our Kraft paper bag imprinted with berries and birds (we will choose the appropriate size). We also include tissue paper and a raffia tie on the handle of the bag.


Please note that the gift bag option is only appropriate for gifts sent to you for later gifting to the recipient. You will need to place the gift in the tissue and bag. If we were to do that prior to shipping, it would arrive all crumbly. We think that crumbly gift bags do not look as nice as crisp gift bags.

Our bags will fit many but not all of the pieces that we sell. If we do not have a bag to properly fit the particular gift purchased, we will automatically substitute the burlap wrap option or issue a refund.