26 Best Bundt Pan Meatloaf Recipes

Meatloaf will always be one of the most popular comfort dishes; it is easy to make, takes little time to prepare and cook, and can be used in different forms as leftovers. A neat variation that you are seeing more and more of is the use of the bundt cake pan to create the dish.

This is because the pan is easy to clean, the loaf is easier to portion out and gives the meatloaf a nice retro look. It also ensures that the meatloaf is cooked evenly and eliminates some of the potential for burning, a problem for some who just seem to never cook the interior as well as it should be or tend to leave it in the oven just a bit long. Overall, it is a great tool for cooking meatloaf.

The Obvious Caveat

A lot of these recipes will need to be repurposed for a bundt pan; there are few recipes geared specifically for it. Just remember that it should take about two pounds of meat to fill a bundt pan and you should do fine.

Obviously, personal experience will take precedence here, so your results may vary. Also, there are a lot of glaze recipes here: A successful meatloaf has two components, the loaf and the glaze, and each should be considered on its own and how it adds to the meatloaf’s flavor overall. Feel free to mix and match as needed.

1. Meatloaf Bundt Cake

Meatloaf Bundt Cake

Obviously, we need to start with the basic recipe. This is a good one to start with and is the one from which all variants come. Master this particular recipe first and the others will be that much easier, and you can improvise your own variants.


2. A Vegan Meatloaf is Not A Loaf of Bread

For some, there is some sort of misconception that vegan meatloaf needs to be boring. This vegan recipe should prove that misconception wrong, and blow it away completely. Taking some of the more interesting vegan ideas and having fun with them, this recipe could even convert some of your friends to the fold.


3. Bundt Pan Meat Loaf Recipe

Bundt Pan Meat Loaf Recipe
Cooking meatloaf in a bundt pan can be interesting the first time you do it, and so it can make for some interesting times. It is actually not that hard to do, and can actually be all sorts of fun. Just remember that you do have limits, especially if you want it to sit flat, and you should do well and have some fun.


4. A Nifty Lamb Recipe

Sometimes you want to try a different type of meat, and this should hit that target easily. This lamb recipe features the great taste of lamb, making for something decidedly different than the usual ground beef, and is definitely an upscale version of a standard favorite.


5. Meatloaf Recipe with the Best Glaze

Meatloaf Recipe with the Best Glaze
Keep in mind that there is more to meatloaf than the loaf itself; a decent glaze can do wonders. This is a good start and makes the meatloaf that much more juicier. If you do cook with the glaze, which is highly recommended, coat the bundt pan with it before cooking to maximize the effect.


6. A Good Italian Glaze for Your Meatloaf

As a meatloaf is essentially a large lump of meat, it is only natural to see it as a giant meatball. A good meatball sauce, therefore, is not out of order and can add some nice flavors to your meatloaf. Given that Italian recipes are even better the next day and definitely when they have been given a chance to chill, this can make for something great.


7. Making It Sweet with Brown Sugar Glaze

Making It Sweet with Brown Sugar Glaze

While we are looking at glazes, one you should consider is the brown sugar glaze. It is a sweeter version of the standard tomato glaze, and can definitely add some nice flavor to the meatloaf. For those tired of the standard tomato-based glaze, this is a welcome change.


8. There Are Foolproof Options

For those looking for something that works every time, it can be difficult. This foolproof recipe is exactly what you are looking for, and is easy enough to master that you will be using it as the basis for a lot of the glazes you will be making on your own.


9. Adding in a Little Balsamic

Adding in a Little Balsamic

If you really want to get away from the standard tomato-based glaze, try a nice balsamic glaze instead. This adds to the tanginess of the meatloaf, and it is a fan favorite. Try it with some of your friends looking for something more upscale, and they may appreciate it.


10. Even Ramsay Has Limits

You know a recipe is good when a professional chef like Chef Gordon Ramsay cannot improve on it. This great recipe is one such recipe and is worth looking into for those looking for something moist, easy to make, and well worth attempting at least once, especially if you are looking to show that meatloaf can be a great meal.


11. Bourbon is Always a Nice Addition

Bourbon is Always a Nice Addition

For those looking for a slightly more adult version, you can always add bourbon to the glaze. Bourbon can add a nice smoky feeling to the glaze, and add something unforgettable to the meatloaf, making the next few days of sandwiches memorable, assuming that there are leftovers in the first place.


12. An Asian Twist

Not all meatloaves need to be some variation of the old-school favorite. This Asian version allows you to break from the mold a little bit and allows you to have some fun with your cooking. This also includes more fresh vegetables than most of the other recipes presented here for an added healthy twist.


13. Not All Glazes Need to Be Boring

Not All Glazes Need to Be Boring

For those looking for something a little more interesting, there is this neat little glaze. Adding in mustard for a little extra kick not only keeps the meatloaf juicy but isn’t as sweet or nice as most other options presented here are.


14. The Bird is The Word

Not all meatloaves need to be made from ground beef. This turkey meatloaf should be able to convince you of that and is a little healthier than most ground beef recipes to boot. This is also an ideal recipe for those days following Thanksgiving when you have all that bird left over and are looking for ways to use the meat.


15. Barbecue is Always Nice

Barbecue is Always Nice

For those looking for something a little tangier, this recipe is your friend. A good basic barbecue recipe, this will definitely punch up your meatloaf and is excellent for sandwiches. For those looking for something a little extra for their meatloaf, this should definitely do it.


16. Going For Spicy

Some people consider the glaze on top of meatloaf to be way too safe. This sriracha recipe fixes all of that, adding a nice little fire to the meatball glaze, and thus ensuring that your glaze will wake up anyone eating it, especially if they are expecting the standard glaze.


17. A Doctor Makes an Appearance

A Doctor Makes an Appearance

Sometimes you need something really interesting, and adding some Dr. Pepper to the mix creates some interesting tastes. A little sweet, a little tangy, this barbecue sauce of sorts is a great addition to the mix and is a worthy addition to anyone’s toolbox.


18. Just Like Mom Used to Make

Sometimes you want to forego all of the variations and just go back to basics. This meatloaf is just like your mom used to make and will hit home in all the right ways. Of course, this means that it will bind well, taste great, and make for some great sandwiches over the following days.


19. And Now For Something Completely Different

And Now For Something Completely Different

Not all meatloaves are from ground beef, and it can only help to recognize that. For those cooking a turkey meatloaf, you need a matching glaze, and this should be that perfect match for your meatloaf. Try this when you look at using lean, healthy turkey meat instead of your normal ground beef for some added flavor.


20. Not All Vegan Loaves Are Created Equal

Some vegans complain about the lack of choices when it comes to making vegan dishes. This gluten-free recipe should help give them enough choices to make for a whole week’s worth of dishes when combined with other recipes in this article, and maybe a month’s worth when combined with the different glazes.


21. It’s A Wrap!

It's A Wrap!

Not all meatloaves are created equal. While it is seen as a crutch by some, a bacon-wrapped meatloaf could be just what you are looking for. For those putting it in a bundt pan, make sure that you put a weight over the top so that it looks right.


22. Sometimes A Mistake Is Perfect

Chef Gordon Ramsay once burned a recipe, and then the contestant turned that recipe into something wonderful. Remember that when you are cooking you can eat your mistakes and that sometimes what appears to be a mistake may end up being something wonderful.

23. Going All The Way to Persia

Sometimes you get tired of meatloaf; that is understandable considering how basic it is. This Persian-inspired recipe should hit that need squarely. Using a spice blend inspired by Persian chefs and using lamb as its base, this is something that will definitely be different from any other recipe.


24. Going Vegetarian

Going Vegetarian

Not everyone likes meat; vegetarian meatloaf is healthier than most meat-based meatloaves and even vegans want to try something from their past. This vegetarian loaf should hit that spot rather nicely and may even induce a little guilt as a person remembers tastes from their youth.


25. Trying Things With A Little Less Meat

Dealing with a vegetarian meatloaf can be all sorts of interesting, especially as there are only so many ways to make a vegetarian meatloaf taste the way you want. This Italian meatloaf recipe should help give you another option for vegetarian meatloaf.


26. No One Likes The Familiar All The Time

Not All Vegan Loaves Are Created Equal

Sometimes you just want something that is far from familiar. This should take you well away from the familiar recipes and into some truly interesting territory. For those looking for something truly different and well outside their usual comfort zone, these recipes should do exactly that for you. Have some fun with them, and you should be exploring some new taste plateaus that should whet your appetite for more.


27. And Now For Something Completely Different

Sometimes you want something really, really different, or you just really want to try and push your limits. The various recipes in this video should give you the perfect chance to explore your limits as a chef, and to allow you to have some real fun in the kitchen.

While some of these recipes may be a little unusual, and some require some serious planning in order to pull off, they should definitely be well worth the effort that you put into them.


Keep in mind that while using a bundt pan is great, it should be placed in warm, soapy water as soon as the meatloaf has been taken out of it. While the pan is easy to clean, there is the danger of grease from the meatloaf staying with the pan. However, that is a relatively minor issue; as noted, the pan is easy to clean and should give you plenty of years of service.


Bundt Pan Meatloaf Recipe

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