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Answering Your Questions About Your Cast Iron

Sep 28, 2012


On my contact form, you will see that I specify that I do not reply to inquiries from people seeking identification, education, or valuation of their vintage cast iron pieces. I am not trying to be impolite. Before I made this policy, I found that I was overwhelmed with enthusiastic inquiries from many, many people seeking education about their vintage cast iron.

I am really happy that there has been such a resurgence of interest in vintage cast iron cookware, and I am so proud to be able to provide new life and new homes to these valuable vintage pieces. I simply do not have the resources, however, to also provide free research and education services.

For questions of this sort, there is a wealth of information available both online and through reference materials for you to do the research and learn the answers for yourself. In the FAQ section, “where can I learn more,” I have put a host of links that will help you to get started in your personal cast iron research.

For people who have questions about selecting a vintage cast iron pan, I have written a FAQ sheet on considerations in selecting a vintage cast iron pan. Review of this document will hopefully be helpful as you begin your search. I have also written blog post aimed at helping you identify unmarked vintage cast iron cookware.

Happy hunting!