10 Best Pans for Steak Reviews

Whether you like your steak burnt to a crisp or raw and bleeding (more politely described as well-done or rare), your steak pan is a key factor. You want it to get your steak just right, whether you’re broiling it in the oven or sautéing it on a ceramic stovetop.

But how can you tell you’ve bought the best pan for steak? You’ll have to consider what the pan is made off, how much heat it can withstand, and how well it cooks. Think about the pan’s maintenance requirements too. But first, let’s look at some top steak pan models.

1. Lodge 10.5 inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Pan for Steak

Lodge pans are among the most common brands on the market. It’s a fully American brand, so that partially accounts for its popularity. But it’s also a quality brand, and this steak pan is right up there. You can use the pan for stovetop frying or oven cooking. The pan also has a ribbed inner base, so it’s great for charbroiled steak and pan-grilled cuts of meat.

This is a cast iron so it naturally heats up slowly. And the ridges increase the surface area of the pan, so that slows heating even more. But once the pan is hot, it will hold heat for a long time, so it’s the best pan for steak. You have to preheat the pan too, not just the oven. Otherwise, your steak will be suboptimal. The pan is dense and heavy at 6.5 pounds, so it’s tricky to lift.

It can be especially tough to maneuver because of its weights and bulk. But it has two handles – the main one and a helper pan. Both handles are integrated, meaning they’re molded from the same piece of cast iron as the pan. This makes the handles sturdier and they’re unlikely to break off. And while the handles heat up slowly, they do get hot eventually so use an oven mitt.

For consistently seared steaks, Lodge Pre-seasoned pan is a good option. It comes seasoned and ready to use, but you should probably rinse it first, just to get rid of any shipping debris.


  • The pan has a ribbed base and a helper handle.
  • It’s pre-seasoned so your patina gets a head start right from the store.
  • Lodge pans are oven safe for high cooking temperatures.


  • Many home chefs are put off by the physical process of maintaining and seasoning pans.


2. Tramontina 10 Inch Stainless Steel Steak Pan

There’s some confusion about the features of stainless steel. When used in handles, they transmit heat slowly, but when they’re used in the bowl of the pan, they’re praised for quick heating. It’s not just about the gauge – it’s also about the number of layers and the quality of bonding. Tramontina is a three-ply pan. The outer and inner layers are stainless steel.

The steel has aluminum sandwiched between the two layers. The aluminum helps your pan transmit heat faster and more effectively. The bottom surface of the pan is magnetized so you can use it with an induction plate. The pan can be safely washed in a dishwasher, and it can sit in ovens heated as high as 500°F. It’s pretty too because it’s polished to a mirror-shine.

The pan has an ergonomic 10-inch handle made of stainless steel – the low conductivity kind. This Tramontina pan weighs 2.25 pounds so the extra length of the handle is helpful for balancing the pan while you cook your steak. It’s held in place using two rivets, so it’s not as strong as some. The pan has a 10.25-inch diameter is 1.88 inches deep though.

Tramontina pans are ideal for a variety of culinary activities and they’re particularly good for steak. The pan comes with a lifetime warranty and is safe for ovens and induction cookers.


  • The Tramontina is a triple-ply pan made of 18/10 stainless steel.
  • The center layer of the pan is aluminum.
  • It can operate in ovens of up to 500°F.


  • This is a Brazilian pan even though it’s assembled in the US, so its provenance is important to you, you may prefer a local version.


3. All-Clad 4 Quart Stainless Steel Pan for Steak

If you have any interest in politics or economics, you’ll know metal played a big role in the Sino-American trade wars. This may be why All-Clad is such a popular brand. It’s American-made and passes through 24 hands in the factory, so you know you’re providing jobs. For the pan itself, it’s made of 18/10 stainless steel and is on the heavier side at 3.93 pounds.

Metallic pans sometimes leech into your food, giving it a sharp acrid ‘metal’ taste. But because this is a stainless steel pan, there are zero leechings. Also, the pan has a natural non-stick starburst coating, so it will sear and brown with panache, pun intended. The aluminum center helps the pan to distribute heat effectively so your meat cooks all the way through.

Because this pan is deep and has rounded sides, you can use it to sear, fry, braise, broil, or cook your steak in a million different ways. And because the pan has a lid, you can use it for stews and casseroles as well. The stainless steel is especially good for sauces and gravies to ladle over your steak. The tri-ply construction makes this pan suitable for induction cooking.

When you’re in the market for an American-made pan that’s versatile and heavy-duty, go for All-Clad. It has a 13-inch diameter and a 7-inch handle for convenient frying.


  • It’s a 4-quart pan and it comes with a lid.
  • The pan is American-made from 18/10 gauge stainless steel
  • It’s extra-deep at 6 inches.


  • The handle is attached using two rivets but a three-rivet pan would be better.


4. Koch Systeme CS 8 Inch Skillet for Steak

It’s easy to get drawn in by the colorful finish on this Ozeri pan. This model comes in rich pink, but it’s available in blue and other speckled shades. This is a non-stick pan though, so purists may have an issue with that. The non-stick coating is non-toxic ceramic with a silicone base. The coating is developed in Germany, derived from natural stone. That’s how the pan got its name.

It’s a versatile steak pan – you can use it on charcoal grills, induction cookers, or gas stoves, or electric cookers. The 5-ply pan has an aluminum base, ceramic coatings on both sides, and a composite center so it spreads heat evenly. And while aluminum isn’t naturally magnetic but this Stone Earth pan has a base that’s compatible with induction cookers.

The stone coating is made from red granite and it can resists scratches. It’s a toxin-free film with no PFOA or PTFE. Meanwhile, the heat-proof Bakelite handle has a pretty wood finish and an ergonomic shape to ease fatigue as you cook your steak. The pan incorporates Thermospot technology to ensure even heating and effective cooking. This Ozeri pan will never chip or warp.

Good looks aside, this is a good quality steak pan. It heats your meat evenly and its ceramic coating is environmentally friendly. It lasts longer than typical ceramic pans as well.


  • The pan is colorful and aesthetically pleasing.
  • It has aluminum alloy on its bottom layer for enhanced heat distribution.
  • The Bakelite handle is ergonomic and well-insulated.


  • The handle of the pan is not fireproof or waterproof, so don’t use this pan in the oven or clean it in a dishwasher. Wash the pan by hand and try to keep the handle dry.


5. MINERAL 14 Inch Carbon Steel Pan for Steak

De Buyer makes an effective line of pans, and this extra-large one is especially good for steaks. The wide diameter lets you cook multiple pieces simultaneously while the 2-inch curved sides are good for frying, sautéing, and flipping. The pan is made of carbon steel that’s 99% iron, but the pan is forged into a slim sheet so it doesn’t need as much seasoning as a cast iron pan.

You do need to season it though. It comes from the factory pre-seasoned with beeswax, and you should be careful not to use a dishwasher since the soap and rough handling will wash off your accumulated non-stick coat. After use, rinse the pan with hot water (no soap), wipe it dry, and season it.  This is a French pan, so if you’re wary of imports, you need to pick a different pan.

The handle is French-styled with a bend close to the rim. Because this pan is seasoned with natural oils, it won’t have any PFOA or PTFE. But the non-stick coating is cumulative, so take your time and don’t wash it off. Also, don’t worry if the pan starts to darken. It doesn’t mean it’s burnt or damaged. It just means the non-stick coating has started to ‘take’.

De Buyer Mineral B pans can cook a variety of foods in lots of different styles. It’s a pan that needs seasoning, so be prepared to rinse, dry, and oil it after every wash.


  • The main handle is securely attached with three rivets.
  • This pan has a helper handle.
  • It’s an extra-large pan that measures 14 inches at the rim.


  • The silvery finish may puzzle you, but it’s a pan with a high iron content so yes, it does need seasoning and is slightly higher maintenance than other ‘gray’ pans.


6. Le Creuset 3.75 Quart Pan for Cooking Steak

We all know how bright and colorful Le Creuset pans are. But you may not know you can prepare steak in such a colorful casserole. This one has a wide 13-inch diameter and is 4.6 inches deep. The pan has a lid so it cooks quickly and securely, keeping all the moisture inside your meat. Both the lid and the pan are cast iron with bonded color coating on the outside.

The pot has two looped handles rather than a single elongated one. They’re 45% bigger than similar competitor handles, so they’re convenient if you’re carrying, serving, or cooking your meat in the oven. They’re a little less comfortable for cooking steak on the stove-top though. The inside of the pan is coated with sand-colored enamel that doesn’t scratch, crack, chip, or peel.

The enamel is crafted for caramelization, and that makes it the best pan for steak. This pan is oven-safe up to 500°F and though it looks delicate, the cast iron base can withstand dropping, banging, and rough handling. And while All-Clad claims the care of 24 hands, every Le Creuset pan is hand-inspected by 15 experienced artisans. It doesn’t need seasoning though.

This covered pan is good for steak, but it’s a braising pan rather than a stove-top one. The enamel coating is great for searing and browning while the lid creates flavorful cuts.


  • The pan is available in lots of attractive colors.
  • It has a cast iron base coated with enamel inside and heatproof hues outside.
  • It’s a hefty 12.4-pound pan.


  • The looped handles are short, so the pan can be awkward to use on a cooktop without burning yourself.


7. Rachael Ray 11 Inch Nonstick Skillet for Steak

Rachel Ray is a world-famous TV chef, so you know her line of cookware is worth noticing. This particular pan is great for pan grilling steaks. The diagonal ridges are arranged in a diamond-shaped pattern so your meat will be pretty, crusty, and full of rich bodied flavors. The pan also has a green ceramic non-stick coating without cadmium, lead, PTFE or PFOA.

The pan has an 11-inch diameter and is 4.25 inches deep so you have more culinary options for your steak. The pan weighs 3.49 pounds. The stainless steel handle is 8 inches long and has a silicone grip for easier handling and less scalding. The pan (and its silicone handle) are oven-safe up to 4o0°F. It’s a hard-anodized aluminum pan with smooth, even heating.

Rachel Ray’s steak pan gives you a pretty char-grilled steak. You can use them both on the stove-top and inside the oven. The silicone grip comes in blue, orange, or red.


  • The square shape and bright blue handle are aesthetically pleasing.
  • The pan has griddle ridges so you can get am attractive char pattern.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The non-stick coating is toxin-free but not completely effective, you still need a drizzle of oil to keep your steak from clinging to the pan.


8. Cuisinart 11 Inch Square Pan to Cook Steak

Hard-anodized pans combine the conductivity of aluminum with the hardness of steel. This Cuisinart offers good conductivity and consistent heat distribution, so it will cook your steak efficiently and effectively. The pan is square-shaped with rounded corners and a long stainless-steel handle. The bowl of the pan is 11 inches and nearly 4 inches deep with an 8-inch handle.

The pan is medium-weight at 2.84 pounds and is a green model, hence its name. Apart from using a toxin-free non-stick coat, the handle is made from recycled stainless steel. The shipping box is also made from recycles materials, and the writing on the box is printed using soy ink. The outer surfaces of the pan are hard-anodized aluminum while the middle is aluminum alloy.

Cuisinart is known for energy efficiency. It heats up quickly, absorbs heat, and retains it for a prolonged period so it will cut down your fuel usage and utility bills. But only the bottom of the pan is thermally treated, so you need a small cooktop that’s compete covered by the base of the pan. If the flames or heat source licks the sides of the pan, the power savings won’t be as food.

When you’re buying Cuisinart, you already know you’re purchasing quality and heritage. This pan is deep so it’s more versatile than standard steak pans. Add a lid and it’s even more flexible.


  • The pan has a vented stainless steel handle.
  • It has a non-toxic Green Gourmet non-stick coating.
  • Cuisinart pans are highly conductive.


  • The non-stick coating can be scraped off so stick to plastic and metal utensils.


9. Calphalon 11 Inch Pan for Steak

Caphalon griddles have the stereotypical steak pan silhouette. It’s 11 inches square with rounded corners and a 9-inch handle. In addition to being stainless steel, the handle has two vents so it cools quickly and protects your hands as you cook. As for the pan, it’s mace of anodized heavy-gauge aluminum with three layers of non-stick coating for enhanced durability.

The pan can be cleaned in a dishwasher without damaging the non-stick coating. And while the handle is well-attached, it only has two rivets. It’s a ribbed griddle with well-defined ridges so your steak will be gorgeously crisp and crusty. The troughs are deep too, so any excess will drain away for a healthier meal. The pan works on the stove-top but you can stick it in the oven too.

These pans come with half a century of heritage and triple-ply non-stick coatings. The pan is hard-anodized aluminum with a wide 11-inch cooking surface. It weighs 2.75 pounds.


  • Caphalon pans have vented handles to increase insulation.
  • The pan contains 98.7% aluminum.
  • It has tri-ply pan non-stick coating with an extended lifespan.


  • For all its style and versatility, this pan doesn’t work on induction cookers.


10. Mauviel 3.2 Quart Pan for Steak With Lid

The idea of a copper pan is an attractive one. Copper has a pretty color and connotations of sophistication. To counter some of the downsides of cooking with pure copper, this pan is lined with an extremely thin layer of stainless steel. This hardens the metal without reducing its conductivity because the pan is still 90% copper. The handle of the pan is cast stainless steel.

Mauviel has been in business for 170 years so there’s a rich heritage there. It has a specialty Cuprinox line that’s 2.5mm copper lined with 5mm stainless steel, and this pan is part of that product line. The resulting pan weighs 7.7 pounds and is nearly 3 inches deep. The pan measures 9.5 inches and has straight vertical sides so it’s your typical saute pan.

This pan maintains a rich copper color and can be used on all cooktops including induction cookers. But only if you add an induction disk, which is sold separately so that’s an added expense. It can also be used inside the oven and it won’t dent because of the steel coating. It holds 3.2 quarts of food and heats up quickly enough to perfectly sear your steaks.

Mauviel M’Heritage pans combine beauty and functionality so there’s a brilliant addition to your kitchen. And it comes with a snug lid and a lifetime guarantee.


  • The copper contours are beautiful and stylish.
  • The outer pan is coated in thin stainless steel.
  • Mauviel includes a lid for stewing, sautéing, and braising.


  • The outer surface of the pan isn’t coated, so it may develop a green tinge over time.


What to Look for When Buying a Pan for Steak?

Best Pan to Cook Steak

Steak pans need to be hot enough to seal in the juices so your meat will be sufficiently moist, whether you want it medium-rare or burnt beyond recognition. Let’s look at a few more factors to keep in mind when you’re hunting down the best pan for steak.


The most common materials for steak pans are aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, or carbon steel. Copper pans are sometimes used but they’re not as common. The main advantage of copper is its quick-heating ability. Some copper pans can survive up to 800°F. But it can sometimes burn and it’s susceptible to tarnish, so it needs to be lined with aluminum or tin.

Aluminum pans are durable. They warm-up and cool down at accelerated rates, but it has to be reinforced with magnetized steel if you intend to use an induction cooker. Cast iron pans are perfect for steak because they retain heat effectively. But they need seasoning and maintenance, so you could opt for a carbon steel pan that has all the same benefits but is less fussy than iron.


You’re most likely to use your steak pan on the cooktop, but you may also have to grill or roast your meat in the oven. So you should look for a pan that can withstand high temperatures (preferably over 350°F). You want a pan that works equally well on charcoal grills, electric ovens, and induction cookers, just in case your apartment has a contemporary cooktop.

It’s also helpful if your pan can do more than browning and searing. If the pan has vertical sides, you can use it for sautéing. Or if it has slanting sides, it’s good for flipping pancakes and omelets. If you buy a ribbed steak pan, you can use it to pan-grill your meat and get pretty char patterns in the process. Or if the pan as deep, curved sides, you can incorporate your steak into a stir fry.

steak pan


Many home chefs prefer non-stick pans for all their culinary needs. But for a true connoisseur, non-stick pans aren’t ideal. They’ll prevent your pan from searing or browning effectively. So if you don’t mind the extra maintenance work, get a pan with a natural non-stick patina. Cast iron pans or carbon steel pans are the best when it comes to organic non-stick layering.

As you season them over time, they acquire an effective non-stick coating which is great for steaks. But you should avoid using soap (or dishwashers) because this inadvertently washes off your layer of seasoning. You can season using flaxseed oil, beeswax, or vegetable oil. Read the instructions carefully to get clarity on your seasoning products, tips, and directions.


Heavy pans may need a helper handle, especially if you buy a multi-ply pan or a cast iron pan. The type of pan you buy will influence the handle. Ideally, you want a handle that has some form of insulation. This could be a silicone cover or ventilation gaps to slow the spread of heat. You could also opt for a stainless steel handle that is naturally slow at heating up.

The best type of handle is integrated into the body of the pan, so it’s an extension of the bowl. If you prefer a screwed-on or riveted pan, look for one with at least three rivets to ensure the attachment is secure. It helps if the handles are dishwasher-safe so they don’t come apart in the wash. Verify whether the pan is washed by hand. Hand-washing extends the lifespan of the pan.

Don’t Make a ‘Miss Steak’!

Given all this information, we think you should buy the Lodge Pre-seasoned. Here’s why:

  • The pan comes pre-seasoned so you’re not starting from scratch.
  • It spreads heat evenly and retains it for prolonged periods.
  • You can safely use it both inside an oven and on a stove-top.
  • The pan works with induction cookers and doesn’t need magnetization.
  • It has a ribbed bottom so your steak will have pretty char lines.
  • The char lines also add a crusty texture to your meat.

What are you using to make your steaks? Show us a photo in the comments!

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