10 Best Non Stick Pans Reviews

Non-stick pans are such a convenient and important addition to your collection of kitchen tools. They allow you to fry eggs, sear meat and so much more without having to worry about the food sticking to the pan.

Nowadays, there is a vast range of pans available, and making a decision about which one to buy can be tricky – so here are our top picks for the best non-stick pan to help you make the right choice.

1. Cuisinart 12 Inch Hard-Anodized  Non stick Skillet With Glass Cover

Cuisinart is among the best-known brands for kitchenware in North America, and this 12-inch pan is another worthy addition to the company’s range. It features a titanium-reinforced non-stick interior that resists damage and can even be used with metal utensils.

We like the even heat distribution, something that’s very important for accurate cooking. It’s oven safe to temperatures of up to 500°F, and it also includes a glass cover, both of which increase the range of cooking techniques you can use it for.

Our main issue is that the handle is too narrow, making it a little uncomfortable to hold, especially since it’s a little heavy. Also, the handle on the glass lid can become hot, meaning you might not be able to hold it comfortably with a bare hand.

This is good quality but a budget-friendly option that should serve you well for at least a few years. If you are looking for a solid option from a well-known brand, this pan could be an obvious pick.


  • Hard-anodized material – for extra strength and durability
  • Includes glass cover – allows for more cooking techniques
  • Oven safe – up to 500°F
  • Good heat distribution – no hot spots
  • Cool-grip handle – doesn’t become hot while frying


  • Handle too narrow – not so comfortable to hold
  • Lid hand heats up – may be too hot to lift with a bare hand


2. Ozeri 10 Inch Stone Earth Non Stick Frying Skillet from Germany

The Ozeri Stone Earth frying pan features a special stone-derived non-stick coating that is free of many of the potentially harmful chemicals that are found in other non-stick pans. The coating is also hardened to give it improved scratch resistance.

One big positive is that is very easy to clean. You won’t usually find that any food sticks to it after you finish cooking. We also like the comfortable heat-resistant silicone handle that is firmly fixed in place by three rivets for increased solidity.

The biggest downside is that, despite being free of many chemicals, the stone-based coating still contains PTFE, so this is not a good choice if you want to avoid this. Also, we found that the sides were slightly low, which can allow some oil or food to splash out.

All in all, a good option if you are looking for a reliable non-stick pan for a range of uses. It’s available in three sizes and six colors and is very reasonably priced. Another solid pan that could be worth a look.


  • Stone-derived coating – free of many potentially harmful chemicals
  • Hardened coating – for increased scratch resistance
  • Easy to clean – no problems with food sticking to the pan
  • Heat-resistant silicone handle – for comfort and ease of use
  • Available in 3 sizes and 6 colors – choose the one that suits you


  • Not PTFE free – not a good choice if this is important to you
  • Slightly low sides – can allow oil or food to splash out


3. Calphalon 8″/10″ Non stick Pan

This is a set of two frying pans – although they are also available separately. They feature a PFOA-free non-stick coating that is scratch-free, allowing you to use any kind of utensil, even metal ones. The finish is also tough and durable, so these pans should last a long time.

They are dishwasher safe, adding an extra level of convenience when it’s time to clean up. Furthermore, they are also oven safe up to 500°F, which gives you more flexibility over how you use them for cooking.

One minor downside is that the interior diameter is a little less than you might expect due to the angle of the sides. Otherwise, our only issue is the price since they are a little expensive – however, you expect to pay more for high-quality items, and we still think they are good value.

This is a pan set that will appeal to someone who wants a reliable product that performs well and who doesn’t mind paying a bit more to get their hands on it. If that sounds like you, these pans should be high on your list of possibilities.


  • PFOA-free – good for those who prefer to avoid this material
  • Heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum – tough and durable
  • Dishwasher safe – makes it even easier to clean
  • Scratch-free surface – can even use metal utensils
  • Oven safe – can withstand up to 500°F
  • Made in the USA


  • Inner diameter small – not as large as you might expect
  • Pricier option – but you expect to pay more for quality


4.  T-fal 12 Inch Non stick Pan

This hard-anodized non-stick pan from T-fal is available in three different sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your needs. It features a hard titanium non-stick interior that is designed to resist damage, ensuring the pan should last a long time.

We like the high sides that help keep everything you’re cooking insides the pan, making it even more versatile – you can use this pan for a range of different cooking techniques. The Thermo Spot also lets you know when the pan is hot enough, important for techniques like searing.

On the downside, you may find the bottom is not perfectly flat, meaning the oil may pool in the middle. Also, despite the tough non-stick coat, it can still chip or scratch if you don’t take proper care of it.

For us, this is a pan that represents great value for money. It costs much less than you would pay for a restaurant-grade pan but still offers a high level of performance, making it an option worth considering.


  • Thermo Spot technology – tells you when the pan is fully heated
  • Tall sides – makes it a versatile cooking tool
  • Good heat radiation – distributes heat evenly throughout the pan
  • Riveted silicone handle – ergonomic and comfortable to use
  • Oven safe – up to 400°F


  • Not perfectly flat – can cause the oil to pool in the middle
  • The surface can be damaged – but should be fine if you avoid using metal utensils


5. Anolon 14 Inch Advanced Hard-Anodized Non stick Frying Pan

This hard-anodized pan from Anolon features a premium non-stick coating that is designed to last for a long time. It is made of hard-anodized aluminum, which is twice as strong as stainless steel, and it is oven safe in temperatures of up to 400°F.

We like the SureGrip helper handle that makes it easier to hold and work with, and another big positive is that it heats quickly and evenly, ideal for careful and accurate cooking. We also appreciate the deep sides that help keep everything inside, minimizing accidents.

Perhaps our main gripe is that it isn’t dishwasher safe, so you’ll have to wash it the old-fashioned way with a sponge. Also, it’s a little on the expensive side, although for an item of this quality, you expect to pay a bit more.

In sum, a great option for anyone looking for a quality non-stick pan – especially one with the extra convenience of the helper handle. If that’s what you need, this is a pan that should be on your radar.


  • Fast and even heating – good for accurate cooking
  • Anolon SureGrip helper handle – makes it easy to work with
  • Oven safe – can use up to 400°F
  • Hard-anodized aluminum – twice as strong as stainless steel
  • Deep sides – better for avoiding splashes and accidents


  • Not dishwasher safe – need to wash it manually
  • Slightly expensive – but a reasonable price for the quality


6. Tramontina 10 Inch Professional Aluminum Non stick Pan

If you are looking for a budget-friendly pan that gives you a great bang for your buck, this is an option that could be worth considering. It features a PFOA-free coating and is oven safe up to 400°F, making it suitable for a range of different cooking applications.

We appreciate the satin exterior finish that gives it a highly professional feel and look, and we also like the way it includes a lifetime warranty, so you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

One slight issue is that it tends to show marks quite easily, so if you want it to last a long time, you’ll need to treat it gently, even when cooking with non-metal utensils. Also, the handle is a little on the heavy side, which makes the pan slightly unbalanced.

However, for a pan at this price, we think it represents great value, and if you can get two or three years of use out of it, it will be a good investment. If that’s the kind of pan you’re looking for, this one could be a smart pick.


  • PFOA-free coating – doesn’t contain this potentially harmful substance
  • Oven safe – can be used in temperatures up to 400°F
  • Satin exterior finish – gives it a highly professional feel and look
  • Assembled in the USA – from imported components
  • Very reasonable price – a good budget option


  • Heavy handle – makes the pan slightly unbalanced
  • Shows scratches relatively easy – need to be very gentle with it


7. OXO 12 Inch Good Grips Non-Stick Frypan

Here’s another solid option from the more budget-friendly end of the price range. This pan boasts a three-layer high-performance non-stick coating that will facilitate all your frying tasks. It is also PFOA-free, so you don’t need to worry about harmful effects on your health.

It can be used for frying at temperatures up to 600°F, which is ideal for searing and other techniques. We also like the silicone handle and the drip-free edges that make it a pleasure to use.

On the downside, we are slightly concerned about the longevity of this pan since it tends to show scratches easily. However, if you take care of it, it should last at least a few years, which at this price would be enough.

Also, it is a little heavy, and some people might prefer a lighter pan.

However, on the whole, the good points far outweigh the bad, so if you are looking for a budget pan, this is one that should be of interest.


  • 3-layer non-stick coating – gives a good non-stick cooking performance
  • PFOA-free – don’t need to worry about this harmful chemical
  • Maximum frying temperature 600° – can be used for a range of purposes
  • Oven safe – up to a maximum of 350°
  • Hard-anodized aluminum – made of strong material


  • Long-term durability doubtful – but at this price not a problem to replace
  • A little heavy – some people might prefer something lighter


8. KOCH SYSTEME CS 10 Inch Non stick Skillet

This is a high-performance skillet with a stone-derived non-stick coating that is APEO-free and PFOA-free, making it safer for your health. It is scratch-resistant, meaning it should last a long time, and it is very easy to clean, too. It is suitable for a range of stove types.

One advantage is that you can use it with little or no oil, allowing you to cook healthier meals. It also boasts fast heat conduction, allowing you to cook food precisely, improving the quality of your dishes.

One of the main downsides of this product is that it isn’t oven-safe due to the Bakelite handle. Also, at only 10”, some people might find it a bit small – and no larger size is available.

Overall, this is a great option for anyone who needs a reliable smaller-sized pan for a range of frying and searing techniques. We think it’s excellent value for money and is another option that’s well worth a look.


  • Excellent non-stick performance – can be used with little oil for healthy cooking
  • Non Stick pan without Teflon – safer for health
  • Scratch-resistant – designed to last for longer
  • Suitable for many stove types – including gas, induction, electric and ceramic
  • Easy to clean – food doesn’t stick to it after use


  • Not oven safe – due to Bakelite handle
  • On the small side – and no larger version is available


9. Caannasweis 9.5 Inch Non stick Pan

If you are worried about ingesting harmful chemicals, this stone-derived non-stick pan should be of interest – it is free of APEO, PTFE, PFAS, PFOS and PFOA, giving you extra peace of mind that you are keeping you and your family safe.

We like the easy-pour edge that helps you avoid splashes and mess, and the magnetized base is great for improved heat transfer. It’s also super-easy to clean, and any food residue comes out with no fuss with just the wipe of a sponge.

The biggest downside is the heavy handle, which, when coupled with the small base, makes this pan a little unsteady when it is empty.

Also, the edges are a little sharp, and some people might prefer something a little more rounded – however, this is only a minor gripe rather than a deal-breaker.

There’s a lot to like about this pan, and if you’re a health-conscious cook looking for a non-stick pan you can trust, this is an option that you might like to consider.


  • Free of APEO, PTFE, PFAS, PFOS, PFOA – for healthier cooking
  • Easy-pour edge – to help avoid accidents and messes
  • Magnetized base – for efficient heat transfer
  • Easy to clean – simply wipe clean with a sponge
  • Ergonomic wooden handle – comfortable to hold


  • Small base and heavy handle – makes it a little unsteady
  • Sharp edges – some people might prefer slightly more rounded sides


10. MICHELANGELO 9.5″ & 11″ Non stick Frying Pans

These pans from Michelangelo have a high-performance non-stick coating that makes frying and searing a breeze. As long as you take care of them, the surface is also scratch-resistant, so these pans should last a good while.

We love the way they look. Although aesthetics might not be the most important factor, it’s always nice to have something that’s attractive too. They heat quickly and evenly and are easy to clean, making them a pleasure to cook with.

One negative is that they can’t be used at higher temperatures. They’re designed to work well at lower temperatures, but if you need higher temperatures, they might not be your best option.

Also, the speckled color makes it a little difficult to see if they’re clean, but this is hardly a major issue.

These are great pans for anyone who wants something that does its job well, is reasonably priced and has a stylish look too. If that sounds like it might fit the bill, then these pans could be just what you need.


  • Ultra-non-stick – great results even with very little oil or butter
  • Easy to clean – simply wipe with a sponge
  • Scratch-resistant – should last a long time if you take care of them
  • Heat quickly and evenly – important for precise cooking
  • Great look – very classy and attractive pans


  • Can’t be used at higher temperatures – not ideal if you need a higher heat
  • Color makes it more difficult to see if they’re clean – but only a very minor complaint


What to Look for When Buying a Non Stick Pan?

best Nonstick skillet

If you are shopping for a new non-stick pan, you will be interested in knowing which aspects you should take into account when choosing. Let’s have a look at these now.

Absence of harmful chemicals

Older nonstick surfaces often included PFOA, but this is now being phased out due to potential health issues it may cause. Most non-stick pans will now state that they are PFOA-free.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is commonly used in non-stick coatings, but some people prefer to avoid this too since it can cause polymer fume fever when heated to high temperatures.

If you are worried about these or other similar substances, you can opt for stone-derived non-stick surfaces that are not thought to carry the same associated health risks.

How efficient the non-stick is

A major point to note is how well the non-stick surface performs. Some pans are sold as “non-stick”, but the food may still get stuck to the pan. This means you should try to find one that is truly non-stick.

best nonstick pan


With cheaper non-stick pans, you may find they perform well when new but that after a little use, they begin to lose their non-stick properties. If you want your pan to last, make sure you choose one that won’t lose its non-stick capabilities after only a short time.

Scratch resistance

Many non-stick pans can be damaged easily, and you will have to look after them. However, poor-quality ones may be damaged by things as innocuous as meat with a bone in it. This means you should choose a pan that has a non-stick coating that won’t scratch in this way.

Some non-stick surfaces are much tougher and can even be used with metal utensils. Look out for this if you think it is important for you.

Easy to clean

best non stick pan

Since you can’t scrub non-stick pans with abrasive materials, you should look for a pan that is easy to clean.

You should be able to wipe it clean with a little warm water and some gentle detergent – otherwise, it won’t last very long.

Dishwasher friendly

If you don’t want to clean your pan by hand, you should choose one that is dishwasher friendly.

Oven safe

Many pans can also be placed in the oven, giving you more versatility over how you use them to cook. Check the temperature rating to see the maximum temperature a pan can withstand in the oven.

Radiates heat uniformly

One issue with some pans is that heat is not radiated uniformly. This creates the problem of heat spots, where some parts of the pan will have a higher temperature than others.

This will prevent you from cooking food precisely, so if you want to have the greatest level of control over how you cook your food, you should choose a pan that distributes heat uniformly.

Plenty of great options to choose from

As you can see, there are many great options when it comes to choosing the best non-stick pan. If you have decided you want to buy one but are having trouble making up your mind, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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