10 Best Pans for Eggs Reviews

What’s your favorite egg? Before you continue reading, pause for a moment to think about this question and answer it. Because it dictates the type of pan you’ll buy. Lovers of baked eggs need a pan that can withstand oven use. Omelet lovers may prefer non-stick.

You might also consider the number of egg-eaters and how often you eat them. A one-pan egg will drive you insane in a home with ten residents. On the other hand, it’s unhealthy to eat more than four eggs a day, so if you live alone, get one-egg pans. Let’s review some top brands.

1. Lodge 10.25 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron skillet for Eggs

Are you wary of buying cast iron pans? Many newbies are. This is a good time to get over your fear because cast iron is the best pan for eggs. And this one is exceptionally impressive. Like all cast iron, it heats up slowly but evenly and retains heat for a long time. But this one comes pre-seasoned, so it’s ready to fry from the moment you unbox it and fan-boy over the red handle.

This silicone handle isn’t permanently attached – its removable silicone grip that you can easily slip on (or off) the integrated 6-inch handle. The pan itself measures 10 inches across and is 2 inches deep, which is just right for omelets and egg-based dishes like pancakes or crepes. And because it’s a middleweight iron pan, you can use it on induction cookers or any other cooktop.

Just be careful is your cooking surface is glass, since dragging that heavy metal across ceramics could cause scratches and void your cooker’s warranty. The main handle is oddly stunted, but the helper handle is useful here since it lets you safely lift the pan of your cooktop with minimal scalding or damage. The pan also has two pour spouts to ease your serving process.

Seasoning a pan isn’t as complicated as it may sound, and this updated cast iron pans set you off to a good start with its glossy pre-seasoned surface. Just don’t lose the hot handle!


  • The pan is pre-seasoned so you can use it immediately.
  • The bright red removable handle grip is non-slip and oven-safe.


  • It’s a cast-iron pan, so be patient and pre-heat for 5 to 10 minutes to avoid burning or disintegrating your egg. And it’s not ideal for low-temp poaching and scrambling.


2. Tramontina 10 Inch Aluminum Nonstick Frying Pan for Eggs

Most egg pans are 10 inches to 12 inches wide, so this Tramontina is well within the mean. Its 10-inch diameter feeds into a 7-inch stainless steel handle. This handle is attached using three rivets. For further insulation, this handle is covered by a bright red removable silicone grip.

The pan is 3.75 inches deep and its sides taper in a gentle curve that’s 11.25 inches at the tip and 10 inches at the non-stick base. This pan is made of 3004 heavy-gauge aluminum that’s certified as food grade. The inside of the pan has been certified as high-performance. It’s been tested and proven to have zero cadmium, PFOA, PTFE, or lead. Tramontina offers a lifetime warranty.

This pan is versatile to cook various types of eggs on different cooktops including glass, gas, wood, or electric plates. It won’t work with induction plates though, because the aluminum base isn’t magnetic. It’s dishwasher-safe though, so less hassle and less clean-up. You can slip the pan in the oven and it will remain undamaged up to 400°F. Remove the silicone grip first though.

The visual appeal of this Tramontina egg pan is clear. But it’s beautifully functional. It has a silicone grip on its stainless steel handle and its non-stick coating is environmentally suitable.


  • The removable silicone grip facilitates non-slip egg-flipping.
  • The pan has a non-stick coat devoid of Gen X toxins.
  • Tramontina’s brushed satin finish is a favored feature.


  • As pretty and versatile as this pan is, you can’t use it with induction cookers.


3. T-fal 4.75 Inch Nonstick One Egg Frying Pan

Are you on a diet? Whether you’re counting calories or you’re just a low-cooking bachelor(ette), a one-egg pan is a nifty utensil to own. It’s a handy tool for families too, as a beginner pan when you’re introducing your kids to kitchen chores. This T-fal pan a little under 5 inches wide and 1 inch deep, but because it’s so small, you can easily flip your egg despite the shallowness.

The 3-inch handle seems inadequate, but it’s perfectly balanced for the circumference of the pan. It does take getting used to – there’s a bit of a curve when you’re using this tiny pan with adult-sized hands. The pan comes in dark gray and red. Both the inside and outside of the pan are treated with a non-stick coating and the pan has an aluminum base.

It’s a lightweight pan at just 5 ounces and the handle is attached with two rivets. T-fal provides a limited lifetime warranty for this dishwasher-safe pan. It’s useful for snacks and small portions.


  • This T-fal pan is made of aluminum with non-stick on both sides
  • The inner and outer non-stick coatings need minimal maintenance.
  • It’s the perfect size for portion control.


  • It’s a micro-pan, so if you want a lid, you’ll have to buy a custom one that may end up costing more than the pan itself …


4. Ozeri Kitchen 12 Inch Frying Pan for Eggs

If you happen to be a fan of the Stone Earth Trilogy, this pan will give you all sorts of pun-induced pleasure. But even if you’re not into inclusive sci-fi, the features on this pan will impress you. It’s important to not the pan is not – in fact – made of stone. It’s a heavy-gauge aluminum pan with a stone-based non-toxic coating. This coating is specially engineers in Germany.

It’s designed to bypass PFOA, PTFE, APEO, NMP, NEP, and all those other fluorinated Gen X chemicals. Both the 10-inch and the 12-inch models are popular, with their 8-inch three-rivet handles. These handles stay cool because of their stainless steel construction, topped with an ergonomic silicone grip. The 12-inch version is 3 inches deep and weighs 3.3 pounds.

Aluminum pans are generally not magnetic, but this one is lined with magnetized stainless steel so you can cook on induction plates. The pan is built in half a dozen different exterior colors and three interior colors – the speckled stone coating is available in black, white, and red. This coating can resist scratches and doesn’t need much maintenance or aftercare.



  • The non-stick coating is toxin-free and kind to the environment.
  • This aluminum pan heats up quickly and evenly.
  • It’s a stylish pan with multiple color options.


  • The pan uses German technology and is assembled in China, so if you’re uneasy about imports, look for something local.


5. TECHEF 10.5 Inch 4 Cup Frying Pan for Eggs

Puns aside, this is possibly the best pan for eggs … and yes, it does provide eggcellent performance. It has four 4-inch molds that where a fried, poached, or egg-cup can fit snugly. And despite the copper color, this pan is made of aluminum. This aluminum is covered on both sides with non-stick coating. The top of the pan has three layers of New Teflon Select.

It’s a new coating product developed to combat Gen X chemicals by eliminating them from the non-stick formula. The outside of the pan has a less intensive ceramic coating. It doesn’t last as long as New Teflon, but it makes it easier to clean up egg splashes. And apart from eggs, you can use this pan for burgers, and different types of pancakes (American, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.)

You can use this pan to make Vietnamese rice pancakes (Ban Khot) or Korean-style ones (Jeon) as well as sliders (mini burgers). It can go into a 450F oven, so you can use it for muffins too. And once you’re done, just pop it in the dishwasher. But because of its extra-heavy-gauge aluminum, it won’t work on induction cookers. It meets international safety regulations though.

When you want a pretty but practical pan (and you have no bias against imports), you can opt for TeChef. It cooks perfect eggs every time and can be used for lots of other dishes too.


  • The pan has four multi-purpose egg-sized molds and pretty copper coloring.
  • Each mold is 4 inches in diameter and the pan measures 10 inches across.
  • The 9-inch handle has a v-shaped vent to help with insulation.


  • Considering the pan has double dips and sinks down to levels, 1 inch seems to be a little shallow. It essentially means you pancakes, muffins, or egg cups might be too thin.


6. All-Clad 9 Inch Stainless Steel Frying Pan for Eggs

We’ve just looked at an imported brand that’s certified by food safety authorities in Europe. (The FDA approves of TeChef egg pans too, by the way.) Now let’s look at a more localized brand – in a sense. Yes, All-Clad is All-American, but its anodized pans are often prepped in China, so heads up. This particular pan is 9 inches wide and 2 inches deep.

The sides are flared, to the pan is only 9 inches at the base while the tips are 10 inches apart. It’s black on the inside and silver on the outside. And its stainless steel handle has the trademark v-shaped vent we’re all familiar with. The pan functions optimally in the oven with temperatures up to 500°F. Its stainless steel top and bottom conceal an aluminum core, making it a 3-ply pan.

The pan’s insulation is ‘3-ply’ as well, with three layers of non-toxic non-stick coating. All these quality controls and safety measures mean you can trust the pan’s lifetime warranty. Plus, being a stainless steel pan with the aluminum layer snugly sandwiched between, the pan is dishwasher safe, needs close to zero maintenance, and can be conveniently cleaned in your dishwasher.

This All-Clad stainless steel egg pan weighs 15.2 ounces and can be used on any cooktop including induction cookers. It’s covered by a reliable lifetime warranty.


  • The tapered sides make it easy to stir or flip your eggs.
  • It has a contoured stainless steel handle.
  • It doesn’t need seasoning or fussy care regimes.


  • For all its aplomb and beauty, the non-stick coating only lasts a year on average.


7. Utopia Kitchen 11 Inch Nonstick Frying Pan for Eggs

Aluminum pans are popular and common, but they don’t generally suit induction cookers unless they’re customized because aluminum isn’t magnetic. But this Induction Bottom pan from Utopia Kitchen is adequately tailored with a magnetized bottom. It has a spiral exterior base that distributes heat more evenly while making this pan compatible with induction plates.

But unlike true sauté pans, this one only has two layers of non-stick coating, so it’s not as durable. It’s a decent-sized pan though, at 11 inches in diameter. The pan is only 2 inches deep though, and it has a curvy flare, so it’s less than ideal for the perfect spill-free toss. But since this is an egg pan, the curvy slope is an attractive feature for flipping, serving, and plating your eggs.

This Utopia pan can be cleaned in a dishwasher, but since it only has two layers, the non-stick layer needs delicate handling. Scrape the pan with wooden spoons or plastic spatulas. If you intend to wash the pan by hand, use nylon scrubbers and designated pan detergents or mild dish soap. You could also wipe the pan with a paper towel before slipping it into the dishwasher.

Utopia Kitchen is an ambitious name, especially for a pan that’s average at best. It measures 11 inches in diameter with curved 2-inch sides and is customized for induction cooking.


  • The pan is made of 300e gauge aluminum.
  • It as an insulated Bakelite handle.
  • You can safely place the pan in a dishwasher.


  • The non-stick coating isn’t as sturdy as some, with just two layers instead of three. It’s also a tad too shallow for true sautéing, but it’s great for eggs.


8. GreenPan Mini Ceramic Non-Stick Square Pan for Eggs

Sometimes, when you’re shopping for the best egg pan, you get pulled in by appearances. And this pretty pan – with its rounded square corners and its bright green handle – is sure to grab your attention. But it’s not just beauty – the pan has brawn too. It’s ‘greenery’ isn’t just a tint. GreenPan cookware is coated with environmentally gentle non-stick ceramics over aluminum.

The bowl on this square pan is just under 5 inches, so ideal for one-egg dishes. And the ceramic coating is completely free of toxins. Even the stylish design of the silicone handle is functional. The handle takes the form of a hollow, silicone-padded loop that dissipates heat quickly to keep your palms protected. The pan is especially great for square egg sandwiches and French toast.

The 3-inch hollow handle is non-slip, oven-safe (up to 350°F), and dishwasher safe. The square bowl also allows for convenient storage because you can tuck it into the corner of any cabinet. Unfortunately, while it’s socially conscious and environmentally-friendly, this sand-sourced non-stick coating isn’t as durable as the more plastic New Teflon Select.

GreenPan egg pans are nice to look at and fun to use. The 3-inch handle is great for little servings (and little-hands). And the hollow handle releases heat efficiently.


  • The unique green handle and square silhouette are quite attractive.
  • The pan distributes heat effectively.
  • It can withstand oven temperatures of up to 450°F.


  • This Thermolon GreenPan is tiny and its handle is only 3 inches long (and weirdly shaped) so unless you’re a top contender on Junior Chef, you’ll need some practice to grasp the technique, especially for flipping omelets or crepes.


9. Flamekiss 9.5 Inch Nonstick Pan for Eggs

You may argue about this pan being orange or yellow on the outside. Either way, that cheerful color is great for drowsy mornings and heavy hangovers. Just seeing the pan will perk you right up. And with three egg-shaped molds, it’s the perfect solution to sunny-side up after-party tonics. The pan has a 9.5-inch diameter and each mold measures about 3 inches across.

Flamekiss egg pans are 3.5 inches deep and have several layers and a flat bottom. The egg cups are sunk into a black nano-ceramic non-stick surface. And unlike some molded pans for eggs, this one has a flat bottom beneath the cups. This makes the pan heavier than you’d expect at 2 pounds. It’s an aluminum pan and this extra layering helps it spread and retain heat.

The customized ceramic coating is non-toxic and dishwasher-safe. And while ceramic films are generally less durable than toxic Teflon, this one outperforms the patented plastic coat by a factor of 2 or 3, proven and tested. The coating is peel-proof and scratch-resistant. The pan also has a well-balanced 6-inch insulated Bakelite handle with an ergonomic grip.

This pan will make you smile in more ways than one. It’s great to look at and energy-efficient, so it will lower your utility bill. It works on both gas and electric cooktops.


  • The pan has three egg-mold for the perfect poach, fry, or muffin cup.
  • The bright exterior starts your morning off right.
  • Flamekiss has a toxin-free nano-ceramic non-stick coating.


  • Despite its good looks and one-year warranty, getting your (cooked) eggs out of those pretty molds is a task that needs patience and practice, so if you’re too hungover, you may find yourself spooning the egg right off the pan. Use soft cutlery!


10. Copper Chef 9.5 Inch Square Egg Frying Pan With Lid

If a small round pan is the mark of a beginning, a deep square one marks you out as a pro. Especially if the pan is made of highly conductive copper that’s likely to leech into your food and burn your eggs. Luckily, this copper pan is coated with a ceramic non-stick coating to slow down your heating roll and manage cooking temperatures more effectively.

The Copper Chef Pro Pan is shy of 10 inches across and 3 inches deep with a 7.5-inch stainless steel handle. The pan comes with a tempered glass lid that you’re unlikely to use on eggs but is essential for other cooking tasks like stewing sautéing or braising. So this is the perfect multi-purpose pan. The lid is especially useful for custards and egg-based sauces.

The inside of the pan is non-stick ceramic while the outer bottom is prepped for induction cookers. These top and bottom coats protect the pan from tarnish and oxidation. The coating has no toxins, but it’s susceptible to metal tools, so use softer utensils made of bamboo or silicone. Plastic spoons work to, but be careful they don’t melt as the pan goes up to 850°F.


  • The pan has five layers – cerami-tech topcoat, copper surface, aluminum core, more copper, then a stainless steel magnetized base for induction cooking.
  • This mixture allows it to survive oven temperatures of up to 850°F.
  • The pan is remarkably low-maintenance and easy to clean.


  • The pan withstands over 800°F but the lid peaks at 500°F so be careful with that glass!


What to Look for When Buying a Pan for Eggs?

We always joke about cheesy pick-up lines like, ‘So … how do you like your eggs?’ But in reality, how your eggs come out has a lot to do with the pan you cooked them on. So let’s look through a few key factors to consider when you’re shopping for the best pan for eggs.

Best Frying Pan for Eggs


Eggs can get very messy very quickly. The egg may splash over the side or drip onto the cooktop. And scraping burnt egg off a pan isn’t fun. So you want something with a non-stick surface. But there are several ways to achieve the coveted non-stick results. If you’re using a cast-iron pan, you have to season it over a period of years to achieve peak non-stickiness. It’s a lot of work.

You have to dry it by hand each time you wash it, then oil it to avid rust and develop a patina. So, by definition, cast iron pans are high maintenance. On the other hand, a regular pan with a non-stick coating can be cleaned in the dishwasher or wiped down with a paper towel, so their maintenance needs are lower. You do have to be careful not to scratch off the non-stick coating.


If you opt for Teflon non-stick treatment (which is now illegal in many places), you’ll get a topcoat that lasts ten years or more. But you may also risk the health of your kids or pets because these pans release invisible toxins. It’s the reason they’ve been banned in many countries.

You could try New Teflon though. It’s an upgraded version with most of the toxins extracted. On the other hand, ceramic pans are ‘greener’ and are generally silica-based. But they last a year, maybe two. The base material matters too. Aluminum and titanium pans are popular.

For slow cooking, scrambling, and light fries, you may want a pan that heats up slowly, like a low-ply stainless steel pan with low cladding. But for omelets, a pan that heats up quickly (or preheats evenly to high temperatures) is preferred. Cast iron is a good pick for high heat.

pan for egg


To get your eggs just right, you have to cook them at precise temperatures for specific amounts of time. Think hard-boiled versus runny yolks. So if you’re starting out (or you’re a ‘minimal effort’ type of chef, the best pan for eggs needs to have some very specific features. It may have a timer if it’s a high-tech type. Or it may have a color-coded heat indicator like some T-fal pans.

It also helps if your pan has a long, insulated, ergonomic handle. This is helpful for flipping eggs like omelets, but also for the consistent stirring required for scrambling. You don’t want your hands too tired or scalded to hold a fork. If you burn your hands while cooking, how will you enjoy your eggs once they’re done? You can also seek features like pre-shaped cups for poaching.

Cooking Preferences

Aluminum pans heat up quickly, but because they’re such good conductors, they cool just as fast. So there’s a chance of hot spots and cooler spots because the speed of heating/cooling isn’t consistent. They’re great if you’re a fry-and-run type of cook though since you can just toss it on the dishwasher when you’re done. If you’re a more mindful home chef, you may prefer iron.

It heats up more slowly so you have to think about the precedence of chicken and eggs and why they crossed the road. And since you don’t mind prolonged kitchen sessions, you won’t mind the labor-intensive cleaning and seasoning processes. Similarly, if you’re an athlete that needs a six-egg-white omelet every morning, you’d soon smash your one-egg cooker in frustration …

Sunny-Side or Runny!

Whatever type of egg you’d like to make, we recommend the Lodge 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Pan. Here’s why:

  • The cast-iron pan comes pre-seasoned from the store.
  • With careful, consistent seasoning, it develops a natural non-stick patina over time.
  • It has a removable red silicone handle that gorgeously contrasts the black.
  • This egg pan measures 10 inches by 2 inches and has a 6-inch handle.
  • It can take the heat so it’s safe for ovens and high-temperature cooking.
  • The pan weighs a hefty but comforting 5.35 pounds.

What egg do you currently use for frying eggs? Show us a photo in the comments!

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