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Wonderful Waffles – Wafflicious Chocolicious – Round 3


Never being one to turn down something involving chocolate, I just happened to run across a recipe for chocolate waffles, which somehow made it into waffle testing!  Unless you’re planning on going into diabetic shock, I would recommend that you save this for dessert rather than breakfast.

The Batter

Mmmmm, chocolate chips.  This batter was fun and easy to make, and it was inspired by our Valentine’s Day post.  The recipe, from Joy the Baker, is here.  It seemed thickish, but workable.  As usual, I made this before heating the waffle iron.

The Cast Iron

In honor of both my love of chocolate, and Valentine’s Day, I used this lovely Antique Andresen Cast Iron Rosette Heart Waffle Iron.  This particular iron has since been snapped up, but I will share that there is another in the restoration process, so if your heart longs for this heart design, it will have a second change.  I substituted the base from my EC Simmons Waffle Iron from Round 2, as it was a better fit for my particular stove.  The iron didn’t fit all that well into the temporary base, and it was a bit of a chore flipping it, so if you want to mix and match, try and stay within the same brand.

Lovely Antique Andresen Cast Iron Rosette Heart Waffle Iron with Base

Lovely Antique Andresen Cast Iron Rosette Heart Waffle Iron with Base

Let’s Cook!

Wary of overcooking in Round 2, I heated the iron 4 minutes on either side. I didn’t have all the smoke from Round 2 when I opened it up to add batter, so things were looking good.

Somehow, I managed to overcook my first waffle again!  Is anybody sensing a theme here?  Still – the heart shaped waffles look pretty impressive.

First Attempt

First Attempt

I dialed down the heat to medium low and cooked the waffles for about 4 minutes per side, and they came out perfectly!  Once again, we had no sticking problems in the pan.  If you’re going to err, err on the side of overcooking rather than undercooking.  It may be a little crispy, but it will come cleanly out of the waffle iron. If there is uncooked batter, there’s going to be a mess.

I served with whipped cream and strawberries.  The recipe provided also gives you the option to make chocolate sauce, but we found it perfectly balanced with the chocolate chips in the waffles, the cream and the fruit.

Lessons – Round 3

  1. Don’t be afraid to branch out into different waffle flavors,
  2. Expect to sacrifice a few waffles to the learning curve. You may need to play with your temperature and cooking times to find what’s right for your iron,
  3. Spray Pam on your iron between waffles,
  4. Err on overcooking rather than undercooking