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Our 10 New Year’s Cast Iron Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Firstly, everybody here at The Pan Handler (Anna, Linda and Mary) all wish you a happy and healthy 2017!

Whilst everybody else is writing articles about how to de-clutter your house, get washboard abs or pay off your mortgage in record time, we have written our own Cast Iron Resolutions for 2017!  We think they’re a bit easier, and more fun than 100 sit ups every morning.

The Pan Handlers resolve the following…..

  1. To never put a cast iron pan in an open fire
  2. To always heat the pan before adding any food
  3. To bake more!
  4. To always use a pan handler (yes, I have the burns to prove I don’t)
  5. To put a piece of paper towel on the pan before putting it away with other cookware
  6. To always clean it after use
  7. To find all the special pieces our customers have us looking for!  We have a list of things you want that we don’t have on the site, so we can keep an eye out when we go hunting for treasures.
  8. To go camping more, and we’re taking our cast iron.  Our pans travel!
  9. To experiment with all our different bread pans – French bread pans, bread stick pans, bread fingers, corn bread…. the possibilities are endless!
  10. To search further and wider than ever before to find the best cast iron cookware for y’all!

Do you have any cast iron resolutions?  Feel free to share them with us on our Facebook page!