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And…We’re in Extra Crispy’s Article About Waffle Irons!


I didn’t even know there was a website called “Extra Crispy,” but lo and behold – there is! A few weeks back I was interviewed by a lovely gentleman about waffle irons. There is a lot of interesting information in his article about the history of waffle irons – you can find the entire article here.

I do feel proud to be a part of the cast iron resurgence, and I love these old vintage pans. From the article:

“Mary Theisen, who restores and sells cast iron as The Pan Handler and has a special expertise in Griswold products, says, “I like to think that I’m restoring and putting back into use pieces of American history. So to me, it’s not just a pan, it’s not just any pan, it’s something that could have been around for over a hundred years. I like knowing that I’m using a piece that is not going to be used, abused, and then thrown into a landfill.” Cast iron is also a “greener” alternative given its longevity, and sidesteps any health risks that nonstick coatings might have. “It’s got health benefits with the leaching of iron. It’s not toxic chemicals leaching.” Waffle irons, she says, enjoy particular rushes around certain holidays, such as Griswold’s “star heart”maker that forges heart-shaped waffles. I forget which holiday they are popular around. I think Presidents’ Day?”

Of course, the heart-star waffle irons (as well as our other heart-shaped products such as patty molds and our heart-star gem pan) are a BIG hit around Valentine’s Day. But then, that is close to President’s Day….isn’t it?