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Our Secret Photography Weapon – Sarah Lamb of S.Lamb Photography


Sarah Lamb of S. Lamb Photography is a hardworking young photographer who is also interested in vintage cast iron. Sarah travelled at her own expense with us to Tacoma Washington to visit Marg and Larry O’Neil and take photographs of their cast iron collection. Sarah’s photos are featured in our blog post about the O’Neil collection (and in the forthcoming Fall 2016 issue of Southern Cast Iron magazine).

Sarah’s photography work with vintage cast iron has also been featured in Taste of the South magazine (Jan/Feb 2015 issue), Southern Cast Iron magazine (Fall 2015 Premiere issue), and Playboy – yes, Playboy – magazine (Jan 2015 60th Anniversary issue). When we are overloaded with work, we have paid Sarah to photograph some of our product for listing. Sarah has also photographed – gratis – many events for The Pan Handler LLC, including our cast iron cooking extravaganza and our first cast iron cooking competition. The beautiful background photograph for the header of our website was also taken by Sarah.


Sarah has created a gorgeous 2017 vintage cast iron calendar with photos taken primarily from the O’Neil collection. If you enjoy vintage cast iron and you would like to help support a hardworking young entrepreneur working to build her business (not to mention help to pay for some of Sarah’s travel expenses incurred for the article about the O’Neil collection), you may view and purchase the calendar by following this link to the shop on our website or at Sarah’s website, slambphoto.com. Here is the link to purchase at Sarah’s website. Another way you can help and support Sarah’s small business is to like and share her business Facebook page, which you can find here.


Photos (all taken on rustic wood background) include:

  • January: Assortment of Antique Gem and French Roll Pans
  • February: Griswold no. 100 and no. 50 Heart Star Pans
  • March: Assortment of Toy Waffle Irons
  • April: Assortment of Griswold and Lodge Enameled Skillets
  • May: Griswold no. 8 Skillet w Milled Bottom and Three Inset Rings
  • June: Assortment of Birmingham Stove & Range Skillets
  • July: Griswold Cast Iron Sundials
  • August: Assortment of Cast Iron Donut and Bun Molds
  • September: Assortment of Martin Skillets, Martin Griddle, Wooden Tamper
  • October: Two “ERIE” (by Griswold) no. 8 Spider Skillets
  • November: Assortment of Bundt Pans
  • December: Assortment of Griswold cake molds: Santa, Rabbit, Lamb

All profits from the sale of the 2017 vintage cast iron calendar will go directly to Sarah, whether purchased via thepan-handler.com or via Sarah’s website.


Sarah setting up.

I will forward orders to Sarah for mailing. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.