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Ask The Pan Handler: Tell Me About This Turk’s Head Pan

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Larry S. from Idaho wrote to Ask The Pan Handler and said:

“Hello, I am the cook here, about 10 years ago I began tossing all my aluminums and new aged post and pans out due to the fact that i thought they were poisoning the family, I still believe that. My stuff is all cast iron and I cook on a really great Gas stove. None of my things are worth very much to anyone else. Tonight though I found this! I think it’s glorious and i cannot wait to use it. :O) It’s [a] corn bread pan, has a number 20 at the bottom and no other marks really. I don’t want to sell it, I thought it was probably really old however, like one other of my pans with a lid (chicken fryer/ pop corn) I was wondering what year these were made. I can’t seem to find a year. on line anyway. I thought id run it by you. If for nothing else just to show someone who cares about these things. i have already been thinking how cool single serve pineapple upside down cakes will be with this. LOL.”

Larry attached these photos:


Larry, what you have here is a wonderful old unmarked Lodge number 20 shell (also sometimes called “Turks head”) gem or muffin pan. I love it that you are already talking about making individual pineapple upside-down cake in it – yum!

Your pan appears to have a gate mark on the bottom – that long slash that you see in the third photo on the middle cups. If that is correct, that suggests to me that it is an antique piece; likely made before the 1900s. I have seen a Lodge catalogue from 1916 that contains this particular gem pan. Lodge began business in 1896. Pre-Lodge, the foundry was the Blacklock foundry.

Larry, I’d suggest that you use a vinegar/water bath (see blog post here) to remove the rust. Re-season, and put that pan to good use! I’d love to see photos of your individual upside-down pineapple cakes, if you care to send them along.

Thanks for your inquiry!