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Please Do Not Clean Your Cast Iron Pieces by Placing Them in a Fire!


Some people believe that cleaning cast iron kitchenware is easy – just throw it into a campfire! The iron will get red hot, all gunk will turn to ash, and voila! Clean pan!

Please, please do not do this. If you put your cast iron cookware into a fire to clean it, it will irreparably damage the pan. The pan may crack; it will surely warp.

When you come across a vintage pan and it has an odd red color to it (not rust), I bet you that it will rock and / or spin when you press along the upper edge. That is because someone tried cleaning it in fire, or placed it into a fire, and the high heat changed the composition of the pan and it turned that odd color and also warped.

Here are a few pics of a vintage Griswold number 8 slant logo EPU skillet that has been heat damaged. This pan has been cleaned to bare iron, but has not been seasoned. The red you see is not rust; it is fire damage.

fire-damaged-cast-iron-pan-vintage FireDamage3 FireDamage4 FireDamage5 FireDamage6 FireDamage1

And here’s that same pan, when pressing along the upper rim:

So please, don’t even think about cleaning these┬áprecious old heirloom pieces by throwing them into a fire!