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Ask The Pan Handler: Griswold Dutch Ovens and Cleaning Griswold Easy-Care Lids

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Richard T. from Pennsylvania wrote to Ask The Pan Handler and said:

“My 1278 C #8 Dutch oven arrived today. The 1288B lid that came with it seems to have a porcelain coating underneath. Would it be OK to throw it into the electrolysis tank to clean it up? Both have a little rust and crud that I’d like to clean up. Second question, is: Did this lid and pan combo originally sell together? They fit nicely enough. Thanks.”

Hello, Richard. Thank you for your questions.

The Griswold pattern number 1278 correlates to a Griswold number 8 Tite-Top Dutch oven, and the pattern number 1288 refers to a cover for a Griswold number 8 Dutch oven. So yes, the two may have been sold together. Here is a scan from a 1941 Griswold catalogue, which shows how the Griswold Dutch ovens and Tite-Top Basters were sold:

Griswold catalogue tite top dutch oven catalog sale sell

It sounds to me like you have the Griswold “Clean-Easy” finish on your Dutch oven lid. That is a porcelain finish that Griswold placed on the underside of at least some Dutch oven lids beginning in the 1930s.

I have cleaned many of these lids using different methods. The concern would be dulling or etching the finish of that clean-easy coating, or otherwise impacting the coating. Unfortunately, I have searched for a definitive answer about cleaning that lid with no success. Readers, if you know the answer to Richard’s question, would you please email me and tell me? If do get a definitive answer, I will update this blog post.

You might try floating your lid upside down in a vinegar bath to remove the rust on the top of the lid. Whatever method you choose to use, I’d appreciate a before and after photo, so you can show us whether your cleaning process was successful!