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Ask The Pan Handler: Information about Wagner no. 14 Bailed Griddle

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Robert W. from GA wrote:

“”Age / mfg years/ worth of Wagner 14A bail griddle? Thanks for any help you can give me regards.”

Hi Robert. Thanks for your inquiry.

You did not provide photos with your inquiry, so I am unable to tell you the date/age of your piece. There are different markings on different pieces; these all help with dating a piece. As my “Ask The Pan Handler” contact form states, I cannot answer identification questions without seeing photos.

I would, however, like to give you some tips on how to find the answer to your question by doing your own research.

If you go to google.com and type in Wagner 14 griddle, over 77,000 links come up. Looking at some of the top links often will give you the answer to this type of question; particularly when you know as many specifics about your griddle as you do. You can often find photos (click on google “images” with your query) and find the same maker’s mark you are inquiring about.

Additionally, two great reference books for this type of question are: The Book of Griswold & Wagner, D. Smith and C. Wafford (5th ed. 2013) and The Book of Wagner and Griswold, D. Smith and C. Wafford (2001). There are a plethora of photos in those two books and you can likely find one that has the same maker’s markings and size that matches the markings on your piece, and find the information you seek. I also have other links in the FAQs section of my site that help you to do your own research. You can find that FAQs page here.

You can also search on eBay for completed listings. You can do that by going to eBay and clicking on the “advanced” button next to the search box. That brings up this screen:

Screenshot 2015-12-28 15.47.50

If you click on “Completed listings” (under “Search including”), you can search for sales within the past 90 days. If you type in Wagner griddle 14 and search on those completed listings, you will find what this griddle has sold for on eBay in the past 90 days. Often, those listings also contain the information about date of manufacture, as well.

As to value: as the Ask The Pan Handler contact form says, I do not provide valuation estimates. That is far too subjective. Many, many factors go into a decision as to the “value” of an item or collection. If you ask 100 people, you will get close to 100 answers and a lot of animated discussion back and forth. You will have to make your own determination based upon your own research as to the value of your griddle.

I hope this information is helpful.

Happy hunting!