Wapak Cast Iron Skillet 8 Unusual Logo Sale!

Unusual Logo Wapak Cast Iron Skillet 8

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Wapak unusual logo cast iron skillet #8.

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Product Description

Well, here’s an interesting skillet! I think that this skillet must have been manufactured by Wapak using the Griswold ERIE mold, and that the “P” in “Wapak”, and the typical early marking, was changed by the maker to cover up the “ERIE” logo. At least that’s my guess! If you have a better one, I’d love to hear it.

This skillet measures 10-1/8″ in diameter. It is 2-1/8″ tall. It measures 15″ to the end of the handle.

Look at the bottom of the skillet to see the atypical marking. I’ve not seen this marking on a Wapak skillet before. It is arched along the top like the “ERIE” logo would be. The “P” in Wapak is really a deep “R.” The “P” is also a much larger letter than the other letters in WAPAK. The underside also has an 8 with an underline.

The bottom of the skillet has an outer heat ring. There are some areas of both bubbles and roughness/pitting on the bottom. Regardless, the pan sits nearly flat. There is some slight movement when I press along the upper edge; less than a dime’s worth, if that helps you to envision it.

The cooking surface has some pockmarks and some areas of light roughness. I do expect that the light roughness will even out with additional use and seasoning.

I cleaned this unusual pan to bare iron and seasoned it with one coat of Crisco vegetable shortening. It is ready for use or display.

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