The Pan Handler LLC sells the finest in vintage and antique collectible cast iron cookware. We have been featured in Southern Cast Iron (Spring 2016Winter 2016 and Fall 2015 premiere issue), Taste of the South (Jan./Feb. 2015 cast iron issue), Country Living Magazine (Nov. 2014), Playboy – that’s right, Playboy! (Jan. 2014), and Sporting Life Magazine (July 2013). Our brands include Griswold, Wagner, Wapak, Favorite, and Lodge, as well as a variety of other manufacturers. We have a particular emphasis on Griswold pieces. We carry skillets, griddles, covers and lids, dutch ovens, gem and muffin pans, patty moldswaffle irons, and much much more.

We are very particular about the pieces that we sell. We spend many hours working on each individual piece from receipt to sale to ensure that we are offering the finest vintage cast iron available. Our goal is to provide top quality and complete customer satisfaction.

We source collectible and valuable vintage pieces from across the country. We then meticulously clean each piece to bare iron using several different processes. Our cleaning process often takes weeks to complete. After each piece is cleaned we heat-season it in two stages; each stage takes several hours. We then again carefully examine each piece, and thoroughly describe it in its sale listing.  We take many photos of each piece in daylight, so that you can completely view all aspects of each piece. We strive to be complete and precise in our listings so that you know exactly what you are getting when you purchase a piece from The Pan Handler. We want you to be well-informed about and delighted with your purchase.

If you have any questions about our pieces, please email us through the “contact” link located at the bottom of the page. In the FAQs section at the bottom of this page we also have information about selection, cleaning and care of vintage cast iron, as well as links to help you get started with any personal cast iron research you wish to do.

We work hard to provide you with excellent pieces that you and your children and grandchildren will use and enjoy for many years to come. Check back often; we are constantly adding new inventory. Thanks for stopping – we hope you will enjoy your visit!


We have several options available if you are purchasing a piece as a gift. You may select one or more of the options at checkout.

Gift note (no charge): If you are having us ship a gift directly to the recipient, we can include a note from you, if you wish. ‘You will have the option to let us know what you would like the note to say at checkout. We will include the note with the piece. Please be sure to indicate “to” whom and “from” whom.

Descriptive Gift Enclosure ($3):
When you go through the time and expense of selecting just the perfect vintage or antique gift, you want to be sure that the recipient knows just how special and collectible your gift is! When this option is selected at checkout, we include a page that identifies the piece (e.g. “Griswold Large Block Logo with Heat Ring Skillet no. 10, product number 716, manufactured by the Griswold Mfg. Co. in Erie, PA between 1930 and 1939”), tells the recipient just how special and collectible the piece is, how it has been painstakingly cleaned and seasoned, and outlines its proper use and care.

Gift Wrap ($15)
We offer two types of gift wrap. Our most popular is our rustic burlap wrap. This option includes a burlap bag or wrap (depending on the size of the gift), tied shut with raffia and twine. In November and December, we attach a Fair Trade Nepalese felted holiday ornament. The piece is first wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped in burlap or placed in a burlap bag; it is not boxed and wrapped. Please see the photo below for examples of the rustic gift wrap option.


Example of our rustic burlap gift bag/wrap. During November and December, we add a Fair Trade hand-felted Nepalese ornament to the raffia ties. If a gift does not fit within the bag, we wrap and tie it in burlap fabric.

Our second option is a lovely Kraft paper gift bag imprinted with berries and birds (we will choose the appropriate size), as shown in the photo below. We will also include tissue paper and a raffia tie on the handle of the bag.  In November and December, we also tie a Fair Trade Nepalese felted holiday ornament to the bag.

Please note that the gift bag option is only appropriate for gifts sent to you for later gifting. You will need to place the gift in the tissue and bag. If we were to do that prior to shipping, it would arrive all crumbly. We think that crumbly gift bags do not look as nice as crisp gift bags.

Our bags will fit many but not all of the pieces that we sell. If we do not have a bag to properly fit the particular gift purchased, we will automatically substitute the burlap wrap option.


Example of the Bird and Berries gift bags we have available. Our tissue paper is a deep red, and we tie a raffia bow around the handle, as shown on the largest bag. During November and December, we also add a hand-felted Fair Trade Nepalese ornament to the raffia ribbon ties.


Rush Shipping: We offer rush shipping – 1 or 2-day delivery, for a hefty fee. This service is available Monday – Friday, before 2p CST, only. The cost is hefty because shipping is darn pricey for cast iron, and even more so when expediting shipment. If the cost is more than that listed, we will invoice for the additional amount. If the fee we charged is greater than $5 more than the actual cost, we will refund the excess.

Rush handling ($15): If you select rush handling, we will drop what we are doing and package and drop your purchase for shipping within 24 hours of the time of payment for your order. Bear in mind that on weekends, FedEx and USPS have limited pickups. While we will deliver the package to FedEx or USPS within 24 hours, we cannot control when they deliver.